Few Issues on Parsing and Visualization

Discussion in 'Python' started by subhabangalore@gmail.com, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Dear Group,

    I am looking for some Python based Natural Language Tools.

    (i)Parsers (either syntactic or semantic). NLTK has but there I have to input the grammar. I am looking for straight built in library like nltk tagging module.

    (ii) I am looking for some ner extraction tools. NLTK has I am looking for another, pyner is there but could not download.

    (iii) I am looking for relation extraction tool NLTK has but I am looking for another.

    (iv) I am looking for one information extraction library, I found GenSim but could not use it properly.

    (v) I am looking for a visualization library, found networkx,matplotlib,vtk but I am looking for a visual analytics library.

    I am looking all these tools for the use in Windows(XP/7) with Python2.6/2.7.

    And if anyone can kindly let me know on how to use the Python binding of Stanford Parser.

    Thanking in Advance,
    , Nov 29, 2012
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