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Discussion in 'ASP .Net Datagrid Control' started by .Net Newbie, Jul 29, 2004.

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    I am relatively new to .Net and have been coding an intranet site for my
    employer for a couple of months. I am currently stuck coding in a
    text-editor called EditPlus without access to the VS.Net IDE, and coding
    pages with the script directly in each page (not using the codebehind
    method) as most of my learning material has demonstrated. I started with
    the IBuySpy Portal (SDK version not VS Version) as my base portal and have
    coded custom controls and pages within the portal.

    My employer recently requested that I change one of my pages so that at a
    click of a button a section of code, including roughly 23 asp WebServer
    Controls, can be repeated so that the user can enter multiple sets of the
    same information into one SQL Server table when they save the information on
    the page (along with the main information in another table). I had already
    designed the tables with this in mind, however I am having some problems
    with getting the .Net code to function correctly. The way the original page
    was designed was that when a user clicked on one of three different buttons
    in this section in question the cooresponding popup window was called which
    loaded a lookup(aspx) page. When the user clicked on a hyperlink in the
    lookup page the 23 controls on the main page were populated from SQL Server
    tables (via JavaScript) and the popup window closed. Although I'm sure
    there's a better way to do it, I used JavaScript to pass the variables back
    to the main window because I knew how to do it. Since the change request
    came in have I moved this section of 23 controls into an ascx file, removed
    the popup windows(lookups), and am able to call it with the click of a
    button. Into a table column formatted as follows: <td id="ContentPane"
    colspan="2" runat="server"></td>

    Unfortunately, my method has left me no way to reference the controls or get
    the popup windows to function correctly. Each one of the newly displayed
    controls have names like _ctl1:phone, _ctl2:phone, _ctl3:phone, etc for each
    time I add the control. Furthermore I am not able to retain information in
    a given control instance. The way I currently have the code designed is
    that a counter increments everytime the "Add" button is pressed. This
    determines the number of times to add the control by looping through the
    following code:

    Control parent = Page.FindControl("ContentPane");
    PortalModuleControl portalModule = (PortalModuleControl)

    Everything I have read indicates that I need to have this control inside
    some container such as a datagrid or datalist in order to reference it
    correctly. However all of my efforts have met with failure. The biggest
    problem I have is that I don't even know if what I am trying to do can be
    done much less how to do it. If anyone has any idea how I can get this
    functioning correctly and/or how I can reference each new control instance,
    while limited by my current coding environment
    please, please, please, let me know.

    Thanks in advance,

    .Net Newbie, Jul 29, 2004
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