Having issues with Referencing a DLL in a Solution with multiple Projects

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by pete@weruniq.com, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Greetings all,

    I am going to attempt to describe the issue that I am having in full.
    I apologize ahead of time that this may be a long posting, however, I
    have found no other solution to my problem.

    I am working with a VS2003 .NET1.1 Solution Project. The Solution
    contains 6 Projects:
    CEC_MT, CEC_UI, Common, CommonUI, FISCommon, and FISCommonUI.

    The Common and CommonUI are class library's that are for all intensive
    purposes static. We can't/shouldn't change any code in those
    projects. The Build Order is as follows: Common, CommonUI, FISCommon,
    CEC_MT, FISCommonUI, and CEC_UI.

    We currently have one workstation (CPU1) where this project compiles,
    runs, and debugs just fine. We are attempting to add an additional
    developer to work on this same project. We copied the Source Code
    from the working workstation to the new developers machine (CPU2).
    All running the same versions of all the controls, Stuido, and .NET.

    When we fire up Studio on CPU2, we immediately receive 147 error

    'Public Overridable NotOverridable Property BackColor() As
    System.Drawing.Color' is declared in project
    'Janus.Windows.GridEX.dll', which is not referenced by project

    The object in question is located in C:\Program Files\FIS. We have
    approximately 10 objects that point to that directory, however, the
    error is ONLY on this one DLL, Janus.Windows.GridEX.dll.

    Nothing in the source code changed from CPU1 to CPU2. Trying to solve
    the issue, we redirected the References to point to the <project>\bin
    directory. That causes the error messages to go away, however, this
    doesn't help us because the references have to point to the C:\Program
    Files\FIS directory.

    We checked all of the Project Properties, and the Reference Paths all
    point to "C:\Program Files\FIS". Again, this same code works on CPU1,
    but not CPU2, and they "should" be identical builds.

    Can anyone provide some guidance or something for us to try? We're
    going on about 2 months of not getting past this. We only have one
    machine where this source code works.

    Thanks in advance.

    Pete Navarra.
    , Mar 6, 2007
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