Help Badly needed- FSA and ASCII stuff

Discussion in 'C++' started by Willing 2 Learn, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Hey, I'm trying to teach myself C++ and I came across 3 problems. I
    understand the concept of FSA but getting the C++ code to do it as
    become an issue. Only thing is im clueless as to how to do them; these

    1) Devise a coding system to send CAPITAL LETTERS using the ASCII code.
    Assume the lights will be ON when you start sending, and use OFF for
    ZERO and ON for ONE.
    2. I want to use this code to send letters to someone else by switching
    the room lights on and off.
    3. Write a regular expression and FSA to recognize your code.
    HINT given: Consider the following issues:
    * How does the received know the difference between a ONE data bit and
    the ON normal state of the lights, that is, how does the receiver know
    when you START and STOP sending?
    * How does the receiver know how long a bit lasts, i.e., how does it
    distinguish 1 from 11 from 111 ? In other words, if your code
    contains a long string of zeros or ones, could the receiver lose count?
    2) Write a program for an FSA to recognize the Regular Expression
    3) Use C++ to implement a Non-deterministic Finite Automaton to
    recognize a string consisting of the 8-bit ASCII codes for JAH

    The design program should allow to easily modify the program to
    recognize different regular languages, given the regular expression.
    Meaning, I should be able to systematically convert ANY regular
    expression into the proper tables or pattern of decisions and loops.
    IN THE DOCUMENTATION of this program, I have to give the elements of
    the NFA:
    * alpahbet (0,1),
    * states (use numbers),
    * start state (use 1 as start state and 0 as the "dead" state)
    * list of "accepting" states
    * transition rules [number the rules] : state x input -> new state

    Operation of program:

    1. Input a binary digit 0 or 1, or # to stop.
    2. Output the numbers of all states that are currently ON
    3. For each ON state, Output all rules that apply to that state and
    or NONE, (in form rule number: state number x input -> new state, e.g
    1: 1x0->10 ; 2: 1x0->20; 3: 1x0->30
    (you need not list rules applying to the dead state)

    4. Turn OFF the current states and turn ON the new states
    5. Repeat until the last character # has been input
    6. Output the list of ON states and the list of ACCEPTING STATES;
    if ANY ACCEPTING state is ON, output STRING ACCEPTED,
    otherwise, output STRING REJECTED.

    Your help would be gladly appreacited with the above; as I thought I
    had this stuff covered & now its frustrating me as I can't produce the
    results they want.
    Willing 2 Learn, Feb 28, 2006
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  2. red floyd

    red floyd Guest

    Willing 2 Learn wrote:
    > [do my homework request redacted]

    Show us what you've got so far, and then we'll help. Or make your best
    effort and post your code. You need to put out a minimum of effort
    (beyond typing the specs from your textbook). Once you've got something
    posted, we can look at it and offer advice.
    red floyd, Feb 28, 2006
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  3. //Attempt for 1
    //Suppose I want to send below

    int on= 1;
    //int off=0;
    int sent;

    if (sent == 1)
    if(sent == 0)
    if(sent == 10)

    //Clueless w/ 2
    //Attempt for #3

    //Suppose I want to send below

    int main() {
    char code[8];

    if(code == '01000110' || code== '01001101' || code == '01001100') {
    cout<<"select again or <999> to end"<<endl;
    cin>>code }
    else {
    cout<<"Error! start over"<<endl;

    return 0;
    Willing 2 Learn, Feb 28, 2006
  4. //Attempt for 1
    int on= 1;
    int off = 0;
    int signal;

    for(int i=0 ; i <10; i++) {
    cout<<"Enter signal:<<endl;

    if(signal == 0) {
    cout<<"off"; }
    if(signal == 1) {
    else {
    if(signal == 01 || signal == 10) {
    cout<<"end"; }

    //Attempt for 2 - Clueless as to how to do this

    //Attempt for 3
    (01000110+01001101+01001100)* // want to generate FML with ASCII
    int main() {
    char num1[8], code[];
    for(int i=0; i<5; i++) {
    cout<<"Enter #";
    if(code=='01000110' || code == '01001101' || code == '01001100') {
    cout<<"win" }
    else {
    cout<<"lose"; }
    return 0;
    Willing 2 Learn, Feb 28, 2006
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