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    HELP PLEASE... Im looking for help with my site, xquad. I need quiet a
    few moderators before the site lauches January 27th. Im posting the
    request on this group because this is a java group and the site is java
    related. Let me explain the site first and then explain what Im looking

    Xquad is similar to an open source project site, but much much
    different too. Usually at open source sites like sourceforge you list
    your project and maybey 3 or 4 people sign up to help. Many times, the
    project isnt even active for long blocks of time at once. Well, Xquad
    can change that. Xquad is one team and many projects(Other than many
    projects and many small teams). The idea is that Xquad will take on 4
    projects at a time with people submiting their project request to be
    considered and added to the upcomming projects lists. Once the project
    is active(only 4 active projects at a time), then the project gets
    broken down into many simple tasks that gets divided up among many
    sections like input, processing and output, ect. When the task, which
    do a small job, gets finished, a different section puts togheter all
    the smaller sourcecodes togheter and make up the final version. This
    method is so much better than the other one because it takes maybe a
    few weeks to finish a small project rather than many weeks, or even

    Okey, enough about the site. What im looking for are moderators that
    have an intermediate knowledge in Java and can come help out at the
    site at least for a 30 minutes each day. Im looking for the moderators
    this early because i want to have a good number of topics in the forums
    before the site actully opens to the public. The moderators will also
    be responsible for checking if the source code submitted by the people
    as an answer to a task will actuall work. They will also have to do a
    lot of tranfering and reposting. What i mean is that for example, if
    the output section relies on graphics to get a job done, they have to
    copy and paste the answer to the task in the graphics section into
    their own section to go with the task. The moderators will work with
    one another to report on progress and ask for help. There are a lot
    more stuff for them to do like being in charge on adverising, site
    design, sorting through the all the project requests and much more. The
    role of a Moderator is a well respected one, and you can be sure that
    you would always have something to do. You can view the current site at

    If you would like to be one of the moderators, just post a reply in
    your introduction in the general topics section. Thank you for your
    time reading this post(i know its long...but well i got a lot to say.)
    and I look forward to working with you!
    , Jan 14, 2007
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