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Discussion in 'ASP General' started by mirza i, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. mirza i

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    i just 99% developed a web application written in asp & sql server i want to
    sell as a service. if it sells there are thousands of businesses that will
    benefit from it.
    since i was always in house programmer this is all new to me. hence, i need
    your help and giudance.
    i am 90% sure that it is secure so i will need someone to look at it once
    the app. also relies on small bespoke vb apps that will have to be made for
    every client. the client can develop there in house or
    i can do it or i can find someone to do it.
    once everything is set up the application will work on it's own and it will
    not require any extra effort from myself.
    i found a small hosting / programming place close to me so today (in 4 hrs)
    i will be going to se them.

    they can do hosting and check out the app and develope the small bespoke vb

    so in order to get a good deal for myself my questions are:
    1. what do you suggest i do about me suggesting to them to take some of the
    small vb app writing? (this would be a VERY good business)
    2. if they take on some of the app writing, how mush do they do? if they
    take the whole part can i take a part of their profit? (after all it's my
    app that makes the whole thing possible)
    3. how much should they look into the asp code and make the app secure. they
    will also need to make the app work on their system, they might suggest some
    new funcionality.
    4. if we draw up the contract how long a term you suggest it should be?

    as you can see im here to get something that is fair for both sides.

    also, since im new to this im absolutely sure that i missed something so any
    other comments are appreciated VERY much! :)

    many thanks!

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    mirza i, Oct 1, 2004
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