How 2 get a single JDOM from an XML schema that imports other schemas?

Discussion in 'XML' started by, Mar 4, 2005.

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    Hello All.

    We have several XML schemas to describe common component document
    parts. We then create new XML schemas as necessary that use "xsd:import
    schemaLocation=whateverLocation.." to include the common type
    definitions from 1 or more of the component XML schemas rather than
    just explicitly adding the common definitions in every XML schema we

    This works great from a definition and validation point of view, but I
    was a little surprised to find that when I generated a JDOM
    representation of one of these schemas (that are importing other
    schemas) that the resulting JDOM document only has the elements from
    the top level schema and does not contain the elements from the
    imported component schemas.

    I realize that JDOM just considers this XML schema to be just another
    XML document, so its not hard to imagine that the using the import from
    the XML schema specific namespace would have no affect on the resulting
    document, but I thought it might produce a combined XML document with
    all the elements. Even playing with JDOM options for validation and
    namespace awareness my resulting document was the same.

    I am currently trying this with JAXP using Xerces, and I am hoping
    there is a way for this to work without relying on any parser specific
    property or method.

    Any suggestions are very much appreciated. thx in advance.

    , Mar 4, 2005
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