How to bind input text field to pass as parameter to stored procedure in BLL

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by, May 24, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Hello all,

    I'm fairly new at this so I may be doing this the wrong way but I've
    got a FormView within a multiview that when it is updated in edit
    mode, will call on the update method associated with the
    objectdatasource that fills the formview.

    One of the fields is a textbox that when clicked has to open up a
    popup window with a listbox and when that popup closes, it sends the
    results as a comma delimited string back to the text box. I've done
    this with javascript and had to switch from an asp:textbox to input
    textbox as I don't believe the asp textbox control has an onclick
    event. The issue is that to use the input textbox I have to use
    value='<%# Eval("Mrkts") %>' instead of value='<%# Bind("Mrkts") %>'
    because if I try Bind it says "A call to Bind must be assigned to a
    property of a control inside a template. As is, using Eval, when it
    invokes the update method it does not carry over the newly updated
    value within the textbox.

    Is there a way to work this into a bind that I'm missing?

    I tried to go about it by creating another textbox somewhere within
    that formview that i would use to pass to the update method but within
    the javascript I need to do getElementById(controlID) but I am unable
    to track down how it is building this controlID. I can do this for a
    asp textbox outside of the formview but that is no help.

    I'm thinking the best approach is to have it go into the code behind
    when hitting the update button and call the update method from in
    there but I'm not able to see any of the values for any of the fields
    within this formview from the codebehind the way I'm doing it. I've
    tried FindControl with not much luck.

    If anyone can provide some insight I'd be thrilled. Thanks1
    , May 24, 2007
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  2. Guest

    So after spending all day on it, almost immediately after posting this
    I figured out how to grab the clientID of the textbox within the
    formview. However, I try to update that textbox from the javascript
    and nothing happens. It works fine for a textbox that I placed
    outside of the multiview though...


    When this code runs from either the parent or the child, it only
    updates the one outside the multiview which is the first one.

    Serenity now....
    , May 24, 2007
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  3. Guest

    Ok I found a workaround. If anyone knows the correct way to do this
    or a better way please enlighten me :)

    I figured out how the controlIDs are built so I was able to use
    javascript and setAttribute to update an asp control from the child
    popup. Rather than a textbox I actually used hiddenfield control so
    it wasn't in the way. I used Bind on the hidden field and that did
    the trick when calling the update method.
    , May 25, 2007
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