How to Design a web application

Discussion in 'Java' started by sudheendra, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. sudheendra

    sudheendra Guest


    I am new to this group and I have been working on Java .

    Could anybody plz tell me how to aproch to design a web application
    with proper architecture and

    what is design patterns.

    How to use them .

    Thank you,

    sudheendra, Apr 28, 2007
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  2. sudheendra

    Lew Guest

    sudheendra wrote:
    > what is design patterns.

    "Design patterns" is a literal phrase, referring to structures of code,
    process or analysis that recur in many situations. These patterns are useful
    in system design.

    These patterns go by conventional names, though perhaps you have seen them
    yourself and had a different term for the same idea. One well-known (and
    oft-cited) pattern is the "Visitor" pattern:

    The idea is to allow an unbounded set of actions on an object by having action
    objects "visit" the accepting object. The accepting object accepts a Visitor
    and uses the visitor.visit() method to do something. Visitor implementations
    can do just about anything.

    That description is a bit vague because it only describes the pattern, not how
    you'd actually do it. For example, the interfaces might or might not be named
    Visitor, Acceptor, etc., or the methods visit(), accept(), etc. The Wikipedia
    article outlines several different fundamental approaches, such as functors.

    > How to use them .

    Keep them in mind, and use them to organize your design thinking. Use the
    pattern to verify the correctness of an implementation. Know many different
    patterns because some work better than others in different situations, and you
    can combine them for powerful results.

    Beware of antipatterns: patterns that are often employed but usually harmful.

    > Could anybody plz [sic] tell me how to aproch to design a web application
    > with proper architecture

    Start with this excellent advice:

    The masters say, Always keep beginner's mind.

    Search Wikipedia, Sun and Google (the "G" in "GIYF") for the JEE tutorial, and
    check out the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, a.k.a. the "Front
    Controller Pattern", and its variants.

    Apache's Tomcat site has excellent documentation on web-app development,
    including recommended layouts for source and deployment directories, some of
    which are mandatory.

    Please spell "please" as "please", if you please.

    Lew, Apr 28, 2007
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