how to implement this c++ algorithm in vhdl

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by niyander, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. niyander

    niyander Guest

    I would really appreciate if some one can tell me how to implement the
    following c++ algorithm in VHDL.

    for(int x = 0; x < n; x++)
    double ca = -1.0;
    double sa = 0.0;
    int l1 = 1, l2 = 1;
    for(int l=0;l < l2n;l++)
    l1 = l2;
    l2 *= 2;
    double u1 = 1.0;
    double u2 = 0.0;
    for(int j = 0; j < l1; j++)
    for(int i = j; i < n; i += l2)
    int i1 = i + l1;
    double t1 = u1 * *(GRe + m * x + i1) - u2 * *(GIm + m * x +
    double t2 = u1 * *(GIm + m * x + i1) + u2 * *(GRe + m * x +
    *(GRe + m * x + i1) = *(GRe + m * x + i) - t1;
    *(GIm + m * x + i1) = *(GIm + m * x + i) - t2;
    *(GRe + m * x + i) += t1;
    *(GIm + m * x + i) += t2;
    double z = u1 * ca - u2 * sa;
    u2 = u1 * sa + u2 * ca;
    u1 = z;
    sa = sqrt((1.0 - ca) / 2.0);
    if(!inverse) sa = -sa;
    ca = sqrt((1.0 + ca) / 2.0);

    niyander, Sep 18, 2009
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  2. Jonathan Bromley <> writes:

    > Some C programmers really need to adjust their
    > medication. If you want a 2-dimensional array,
    > why the hell can't you ask for one and let the
    > compiler figure out how to do the subscripts?
    > Pointer arithmetic as complicated as that is
    > just sick.

    Because it's clearly more efficient! Don't you know that square brackets
    cost at least twice as much as asterisks and plus signs? And, to boot,
    that's the way all of the FORTRAN numerical code looked thirty years
    ago, so it must be good, right? Sigh.

    This is the same school of "optimization" that prevents people from
    seeing over the walls of their cubes unless they're given a separate
    component declaration and a std_logic_vector to look for. Packages?
    Records? Functions? Vade retro, satana!!!

    > Luckily you can't do it in VHDL,
    > so you need to use a proper array. Perhaps
    > you could be kind enough to offer us the
    > algorithm in a less vomit-provoking form.

    But seriously, Jonathan has a good point. Your request doesn't make sense
    for the following reason:

    In a "software" language like C, in many ways, a straightforward
    algorithm can often be directly coded in the implementation language
    itself in terms ONLY of the data flow. This is what was provided.

    In the hardware world, you usually need to first design the data flow
    algorithm in terms of time steps, buffers, clock cycles, intermediate
    registers, and so forth. Only after you have turned the algorithm into a
    data flow engine on paper, then you code the engine in the
    implementation language (VHDL). It doesn't make sense to try to skip
    the design step in hardware except for the simplest, one-line, code

    Nobody here can do a sensible job with your design without doing a lot
    of work and understanding the fundamental behaviour and limits of the

    On the flip side, if you only want this for simulation purposes, you're
    probably better off using a foreign-function-interface in your simulator
    to call the original C code than to recode the C into non-synthesizable

    - Kenn

    Remove NOSPAM from email address.
    All my opinions are my own.
    Kenn Heinrich, Sep 19, 2009
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  3. Kenn Heinrich wrote:

    > Because it's clearly more efficient! Don't you know that square brackets
    > cost at least twice as much as asterisks and plus signs?

    I'm not sure where _you_ buy your operators from, but I've always found
    asterisks are more expensive because of the crinkly edges...


    Mark McDougall, Engineer
    Virtual Logic Pty Ltd, <>
    21-25 King St, Rockdale, 2216
    Ph: +612-9599-3255 Fax: +612-9599-3266
    Mark McDougall, Sep 22, 2009
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