i apologize...

Discussion in 'C++' started by .inf.UZION, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. .inf.UZION

    .inf.UZION Guest

    for the recent slew of "new newbie" and "c++ decompilation" posts.

    this character "Juda" posted over here because i egged him on. i dared him
    to re-post an entire thread from another newsgroup in which *he* had made a
    distinction between "C++" and "C++ for the web," then argued at length about
    how not only WAS there a "C++ for the web," but that "anything that is
    compiled can be decompiled," and that there was a public release of the
    Windows source code "a few years ago."

    if "Juda" *had* re-posted the entire thread, i'm certain everyone in this
    group would be having a decent laugh by this point... but he chose not to,
    instead misrepresenting himself in here as a C++ newbie in order to get an
    "expert" to validate his claims. he is now taking every response that
    everyone has given him (in here) to purport (in the other group) that he's
    been vindicated, and that the "experts" in this group flamed -linux_lad
    until he was "roasted" for "spelling flames."

    this is a man who claims to be a programmer in "Coldfushion."

    in his defense, i'm sure he will soon be following my suggestion to run to
    his nearest software outlet and start repackaging EVERY bit of programming
    software with little stickers that read "For The Web! 100% Guaranteed!"

    again, i apologize for sending this lunatic your way, and urge you not to
    respond to him any further - he is only using what you people say to try to
    "win" a fruitless argument about a non-existent discipline. i will not post
    here again, in order to avoid his reading this and beginning a flame war in
    your fair group.

    cheers, all!

    "The things which matter most should never be at the mercy of the things
    which matter least." Goethe
    .inf.UZION, Jul 1, 2003
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