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Discussion in 'C++' started by Markus, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Markus

    Markus Guest

    "it's complicated"... Sure it is. I dunno. It is hard to say anything. I
    remember a very sexy girl, very tight black Levi cordoroys, and why did
    she never have her belly button covered? Yes, it is a true story. I went
    to high school with her. One time, she said to me, " ", well I don't
    quite remember the actual words, but she had noticed, as much as was
    stealthly admiring her, that I was stealthly admiring her.

    I mean, she was WOW. I mean, I can draw her shapes.... ok, maybe I can't
    draw, but her thighs and their curve....

    OK, I am not here to titilate. Black hair, she was of German descent for
    her name. I used to kinda go see her after HS. She was so way out of my
    league. I remember her saying to me that " you have to buy something, you
    can't just pull in here and chat with me". She worked at dog n suds.

    I don't know what she said to me in class at an earlier time.... for sure
    something like, "I'm not just a pinup, ya know", but of course I was
    completely scared of such beauty.

    As time would have it, I would go off and try to be some one, be some
    one, be some one. .. that she would love. And it would be OK to do that,
    because it would just be OK to do that.

    I would come to know later that the only friend I had in my second high
    school, they lived next door to each other. I am not sure that is
    meaningful. I had been driven past where she lived a hundred if not more
    times, to wonder, "who lives there". While I certainly was having this
    whole fucking bunch of nothing but wonder, but she grew up there.

    It seems stark to me even to this day, or so I remember thinking it was.
    I had lived in pretty much an apartment in the city, I don't remember
    much about outside, that is, outside.

    I don't know what I am talking about of course, and why would tell you
    this, but it is how I ... there is not a second that I cannot see her.
    Surely you are my fucking problem and it is your fault that she is not

    So that's why I could not go to bed tonight, even having all the wine I
    don't want to have at my disposal.
    Markus, Dec 17, 2011
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