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    Virtual Nuggets offers outstanding Online training , Corporate Training and
    consulting services worldwide for TIBCO BW , TIBCO BE, TIBCO IPROCESS , IBM
    Lombardi 7.5 , IBM FileNet Technologies, SAS Clinical , Oracle SOA BPEL 11 g ,
    ODI , OSB , IBIEE . We Are Specialized in TIBCO, IBM tools, Oracle Tools
    Trainings from Real time experienced Instructors Having Good Industrtial

    About VirtualNuggets:

    Virtual Nugget|s, genesis from the passion to share knowledge and facilitate
    learners of diverse levels from beginners to professionals, on upgrading their
    skills in unique and exceptional technologies through the most effective ways
    without bestowing your valuable time and redundant money.
    Our experiences and hurdles to attain knowledge on few technologies, taught us
    many valuable lessons, as they are hard to find in books, institutions, online,
    not even any mentor for those unique technologies. Even if we found one, still
    numerous queries arise in our minds like, are they theoretical sound? Do they
    provide assistance in the future? Does the material worth our payment? and so
    onaa. These challenges inspired us and provoked our idea of uproviding quality
    education and support to learners| came to LIFE. Virtual Nuggets is an honest
    attempt to aid the aspirant learning various technologies in the right way, by
    right expert faculty with the precise real time practical exposure, devoid of
    commercial facet to education. We believe, uif your intentions are bold and
    your efforts are honest, you will succeed in whatever you do|.First step to be
    a good learner is to be an avid reader, so go ahead and explore the various
    sections of this website, where we have blended our efforts and our trainer|s
    thoughts to bring them all under one roof, which we are sure, would help you in
    taking a valuable training.

    Courses We Offer:

    TIBCO BusinessWorks
    TIBCO BusinessEvents
    TIBCO IProcess
    TIBCO Spotfire
    IBM Lombardi 7.5
    IBM FileNet
    IBM Trivoli
    Oracle SOA BPEL
    Oracle Data Interation(ODI)
    Oracle Service Bus(OSB)
    SAS Clinical
    Kentico CMS For Asp.Net

    Course Details:

    WebSphere Lombardi Edition:

    IBM Business Process Manager was announced on April 5, 2011, as the follow-on
    product to WebSphere Lombardi Edition. If you are looking for a solution to
    engage both business and IT stakeholders in process improvement initiatives,
    consider IBM Business Process Manager Standard. IBM Business Process Manager is
    a comprehensive platform providing complete visibility and management of your
    business processes that scales smoothly and easily from initial project to
    enterprise-wide program.
    IBM Business Process Manager is a comprehensive BPM platform giving you
    visibility and insight to manage business processes. It scales smoothly and
    easily from an initial project to a full enterprise-wide program harnesses
    complexity in a simple environment to better meet customer needs.
    Course Overview (Total 25 Days Daily 1 hour 30 Min Session):-

    TOPIC Description
    Business process management Overview
    > BPM,BPMN - Components

    Overview of IBM Lombardi 7.x
    > Explaining IBM Process Center Architecture
    > Introduction of Process Stake Holders and there activities.
    > Introduction Of Lombardi Product Components.
    > Lombardi Key Terms and Concepts.

    Creating your first Lombardi Project
    > How to add the User groups and Users and how to grant access
    > Create a New Process
    > Explain the Process Package / Tool Kit Package.
    > Managing Snapshots and Workspaces.

    Designing BPD
    > Creating a BPD and Configuration Setting,
    > Adding Lanes to the BPD,
    > Assigning Participants,
    > Adding activities,
    > Establishing process flow lanes

    Building Coaches and Services and nested services
    > Building Human Services
    > Building Integration Service
    > Building general System Services

    Building an executable BPDs and Services
    > Using Gateways
    > Implementing Activities
    > Adding Process Variables to BP
    > Using Gateways
    > Implementing Activities
    > Adding Process Variables to BPD

    Modeling Events
    > Modeling Msg Events
    > Timer Events
    > Adhoc Events

    Mapping and Managing Variables
    > Creating Custom Variables
    > Declaring and passing variables
    > Creating Exposed process variables
    > explain Pre and Post assignments
    > Initializing Complex variable using java script
    > Making Variables available to process portal search

    Exception handling
    > Exceptional Handling

    Advance Concepts
    > Using Embedded java script
    > Using external activities
    > Brief Introduction to Web API and web services
    > Brief Introduction to Performance DB , Tracking Groups ,Reports

    > Web API and web services
    > Sql Connector
    > Email Connector
    > Write to file Connector
    > Webservice connector
    > Java Connector

    Administration > Process Center Console ,Process Admin Console,
    Performance Admin Console

    Demo & New Batches:

    Demos: Demos will be conducted instantly for individuals in their convenient
    Batches: New Batches will start on every 15 days. We offer instant batches for
    one-one training also according to student|s Requirements.

    Benefits of Online Training:

    1. Quality training.
    2. Customized Class timings.
    3. Lowest price in the market.
    4. Classes driven by real time expert. 5. Interview assistance (FAQ|s, Sample
    resumes). 6. Material (Manuals, Documents, presentations, suggested resources).
    7. You can attend from your happy and comfort environment. 8. Flexible and
    customized timings. 9. Easy to follow, because it|s more over practical
    sessions. 10. Finally online training sessions are Easy, time saving and
    11. Interview Facing Skills and FAQ.

    More Details:

    Email: ,

    Contact: +91-40-64540202, +91-8885560202

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