I'm in asp.net 1.1 hell....re debugging and breakpoints.

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Randy Magruder, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Attn: Asp.net gurus...if anyone can help, I hope it's here.

    Okay, I'm at my wits end. I have googled til my fingers hurt and am
    still not finding answers.

    The symptoms are as follows:

    1. I have 2 machines, my laptop and a desktop, both are set up for
    asp.net development.
    2. The desktop machine has an asp.net 1.1 app written with vs.net
    2003. It is written in vb.net and runs and debugs properly
    3. The laptop also will debug the vb.net 1.1 app
    4. Both machines will also debug a C# asp.net 1.1 app with no problems.
    5. Converted the vb.net app to C#. Can't get a page_load breakpoint
    on the main.aspx to EVER stop.
    - All the debug checklist items I can find are taken care of
    a. Projects are built in debug mode
    b. All the Web Site properties seem to be set properly for
    asp.net debugging,
    c. I belong to the debugger users group
    d. I've deleted all the 'extra' copies of dll's lying around,
    purged the temporary asp.net files cache, etc.
    e. Again, remember that simple hello world c# apps along with
    the large vb.net ALL debug, so the machines seem to be configured
    f. the web.configs are properly configured with debug= true

    Nonetheless, no breakpoints get hit in the Page_load of the main.aspx
    that loads. It just goes right through it and redirects to login.aspx,
    whose breakpoints on Page_Load are ALSO ignored.

    There are no question marks in the breakpoint margins or any other
    indication that symbols are missing or not loaded. The binaries are up
    to date. Every freaking thing I can find on google or msdn or anywhere
    seems to tell me that the debugger should stop just fine. But instead
    it just whizzes right through the code.

    It can't be the language, as it stops in page_load of simple 'demo' C#
    asp.net apps

    It can't be the machine, as both debug vb.net and 'simple' C# asp.net
    apps just fine.

    It can't be cached dll's built with release info, as I deleted all the
    dll's I could find (in both my documents and below, and in the
    temporary asp.net directories....

    It can't be web.config, as it is identical to those projects that DO

    It can't be machine.config, as obviously other apps on the same machine
    DO debug.

    It can't be vs.net, as I've tested all this stuff on both Vs.net 2003
    and bds2006.

    It can't be multiple versions of asp.net, as I removed asp.net 2.0 from
    my machine to eliminate any confusion.

    It can't be re-starting IIS or re-running aspnet_regiis, as I've run
    that til I'm blue in the face.

    It can't be a debug='false' in the page header, as those are not there.

    It can't be re-installing IIS as I've done that.

    Can someone with a degree in the black art of asp.net tell me something
    that I have NOT tried? It's killing me here that no breakpoints EVER
    get hit here...and yet I can debug 'simple' apps with no problem.

    Thanks to anyone who has an idea what piece of obscure asp.net trivia
    I've missed.


    Randy Magruder, Oct 31, 2006
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  2. Re: I'm in asp.net 1.1 hell....re debugging and breakpoints.

    Follow-up with more information for those keeping score.

    Since I Couldn't debug, I decided to actually add some code to the
    Page_Load() that would change the text of one of the labels on the page.

    I Ran it. The label remained unchanged. I repeated this process on a
    simple project from scratch and the label changed.

    So it appears that the code isn't even being RUN. I had noticed the
    other day that the VBConversions software that translated the app from
    VB.NET to C# did NOT carry over the event wire-ups....and I re-wired
    the events.

    I can confirm that the designer and the code shows that the Page_Load
    is hooked to the Load event of the page.

    But apparently it's never being called (or an old version of the code
    is being called somewhere).

    Any thoughts?

    Randy Magruder, Oct 31, 2006
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  3. Randy Magruder


    Re: I'm in asp.net 1.1 hell....re debugging and breakpoints.


    You might want to try our VB.Net to C# conversion tool, C-Sharpener For


    Does it resolve the issues?
    , Oct 31, 2006
  4. Re: I'm in asp.net 1.1 hell....re debugging and breakpoints.


    > Randy,
    > You might want to try our VB.Net to C# conversion tool, C-Sharpener
    > For VB:
    > http://www.elegancetech.com/csvb.aspx
    > Does it resolve the issues?

    Hi there,

    I solved the issue. Turns out it was in the one place I didn't think
    to look...THE CODE. The code that was being used to call
    InitializeComponent was not itself being called because it was done
    with vb.net event handling, as opposed to inheritance as is usually the
    case in the C# version. So while InitializeComponent() was there, it
    was never getting called. Once I realized that, I knew why my
    breakpoins weren't getting hit. It was a goof by the VBConversions

    We already spent the $ on it, so it's gone....otherwise, I would have
    been happy to try your software.

    Biggest problem here is the line limits on the trials. It would have
    been better to place file limits or something, because line limits on
    trial software put me in the position of having to re-create small
    pieces of software to test the conversion abilities. At any rate, now
    we know :(



    Randy Magruder, Nov 7, 2006
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