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    The next meeting of the XML Users Group will be held on Wednesday,
    July 21, 2004 at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) at 2000
    Florida Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20009-1277. The meeting
    starts at 7:00 p.m. and usually last approximately 2 hours. If attending
    the meeting by Metro, get off the Dupont Circle stop and walk
    north to Florida Avenue...turn right.

    There is no cost associated with attending but if you are planning on
    attending this meeting, please let us know so that we can give a list to
    AGU management. You can register at:


    July 21, 2004

    NOTE: Several copies of Tom Passin's recently published new book
    "Explorer's Guide to the Semantic Web" will be provided
    by the publisher to be given as door prizes!

    Dave Sullivan, Zonar

    Set your information free! Optimize XML productivity by eliminating

    For a brief, shining moment in the late Nineties, it looked like
    XML was actually going to facilitate universal information
    interchange. No longer would we have to interpret arbitrary data
    names, types, formats, and structures to dig out the content we
    needed for our applications. Well defined elements imbedded in well
    formed XML would provide understandable, useable and eXtensible
    packages that could be processed directly by application programs
    without the need to rearrange them in two-dimensional tables. We
    could finally deal directly with the n-dimensions of actual Information

    Unfortunately, this degree of freedom must have looked very much
    like the edge of the earth to early XML sailors; and in a well-
    intentioned effort to maximize the application of XML within existing
    data environments, XML was lashed to predefined DTD and Schema
    structures that limit its ability to fulfill its original promise.

    Based on ten years of experience with XML Information Objects, Dave
    Sullivan suggests that DTDs and Schemas actually detract from the
    ability of XML to encapsulate information and allow its optimal use
    by existing data systems. This presentation addresses the nature of
    computer-based information and how it can be represented in XML
    packages. It also introduces some concepts of XML algebra and the
    generation of derivative information objects. Finally, it argues
    for a departure from process-based information handling in favor
    of "intelligent" transforms based on semantic "understanding".

    Tom Passin, Mitre
    Exploring the Semantic Web

    A complex set of extensions to the World Wide Web, the Semantic Web
    will make data and services more accessible to computers and useful
    to people. Some of these extensions are being deployed, and many are
    coming in the next years. This presentation will explore the territory
    of the Semantic Web in a broad and conceptual manner.

    August 2004

    Kirstan Vandersluis, CTO and Founder, Xaware

    Over the decades, organizations have pieced together computer
    systems to manage different parts of the business as efficiently as
    possible. Unfortunately, the evolution of this information
    technology infrastructure has occurred without an overarching
    design, resulting in many stand-alone systems that perform a
    single function well, but fail to interact with each other. This
    presentation reviews the causes of "information chaos," and
    presents various tools and technologies available to solve the
    problem, finishing with the examination of the integration
    platform developed by XAware, Inc.

    Kirstan Vandersluis, CTO and Founder

    As founder and Chief Technology Officer of XAware, Kirstan has
    been instrumental in developing XAware's product suite, leading to
    four patent applications, the first of which was issued by the
    Patent Office in March 2002. Kirstan's twenty years of experience in
    software development spans multiple industries, including financial
    services, DoD, semiconductor, and telecommunications, where he has
    engineered the deployment of both corporate and commercial software
    products. Kirstan's numerous accomplishments with MCI include the
    architecture, development and implementation of eighteen call center
    applications for MCI's Call Center Services group, design of a multi-tier,
    Web-based Local Service Order Collection platform and as Siebel architect,
    deploying Siebel Systems on several projects.

    At Array Microsystems, Kirstan led the design and implementation of a
    chip-level emulator and flowgraph-based environment for JPEG and MPEG
    coding and decoding. While with the US Air Force, Kirstan designed
    real-time command, control and communications software for US Space
    Command, processing messages from distributed sites into a central
    application located deep in the secure interior of Space Command in
    Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.

    Kirstan often speaks publicly about XML-related technologies and XAware
    product strategies and has recently published a book entitled: XML-Based
    Integration with XAware.

    Currently we need speakers for both the technical and vendor presentation
    portion of future meetings. If you would like to give a presentation at
    a future meeting, please send e-mail or call Betty Harvey (410) 787-9200.
    Share your knowledge and experience with others.

    Hope to see you there.

    Washington Area XML Users Group Web Site:
    Electronic copies of papers supplied from speakers are
    available on-line.

    To subscribe to the Washington Area XML Users Group mailing
    list, go to http://ecc05.eccnet.com/mailman/listinfo/xmlusers.


    From Connecticut Avenue north of AGU, make a left onto
    T Street (1 block before Florida Avenue). Drive one block,
    the entrance to Atlantic Garage North should be on your

    >From Connecticut Avenue of AGU, make your first right

    after Florida Avenue onto T Street. Drive one block. the
    entrance to Atlantic Garage North should be on your right.

    >From I-66

    - Continue east on I-66 to Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge. This
    places you on Constitution Avenue.
    - Take a left on 18th Street, NW and head north. Continue north to
    Connecticut Avenue.
    - Turn left (North) on Connecticut Avenue to Florida Avenue.
    - Right on Florida Avenue. AGU is 1/2 block on the right at the
    corner of 20th & Florida Avenue.

    Betty Harvey | Phone: 410-787-9200 FAX: 9830
    Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. |
    | Washington,DC SGML/XML Users Grp
    URL: http://www.eccnet.com | http://www.eccnet.com/xmlug/
    Betty Harvey, Jul 14, 2004
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