Learn the language before you learn the GUI.

Discussion in 'C++' started by CoreyWhite, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. CoreyWhite

    CoreyWhite Guest

    C++ is different from C, because C was built to execute algorithms and
    solve mathematical problems quickly. C++ is designed to work with
    special data types that hold strings of abstract information. It can
    take abstract data types and hold them in containers, that allow you
    to work with sets of strings in many useful ways. It isn't that
    complex to understand how to use these new tools, but writing neat,
    fast executing code is something that challenges all programmers.
    There isn't ever one design for a program, so understanding the design
    model behind C++ is just as important as understanding the new tools
    in the language like types and containers. The origonal low level
    control of C is still in the language that allows you to access the
    every part of the computers memory, and allows you to look at all data
    in your program as actually blocks of binary information in memory and
    change what it does.

    The reason C++ is so powerful is because the hardware for both IBM
    PC's and Macintosh's both understand C++. The C++ language may not
    understand how to talk to the hardware 100% of the time, but you can
    write your own drivers to communicate with the devices, and even write
    your own operating system. That's what Linux is doing, and that is
    what virus writers are doing. iMac's are better computers because you
    can't take them over and hide programs that run independently from the
    operating system. The worst virus on an iMac just rewrites code in
    another program and secretly runs as another process, but you can
    figure it out, shut it down, and even reinstall the iMac operating
    system in about 10 minuets counting the time it takes to reboot.

    C++ was created because graphics, and multi-media aren't convenient
    mathematical algorithms. They are just abstract data sets. And
    without C++ you can't begin to code a graphical user interface. All
    the credit in the modern tech revolution really needs to go to the
    creators of C++ for enabling companies like IBM and Macintosh to
    create hardware that could run what we have today. And it seems we
    are moving beyond the transition to C++ now, and we are entering an
    age of hardware and security. Anyone can become the next Bill Gates,
    if they have a super computer cluster, and dedicated lines serving out
    bandwidth. All they need to do is program up a website with CGI, and
    code all of the site in C++ or Perl. Websites like Google, YouTube,
    and MySpace, aren't that impressive when you compare them to some of
    the software that only runs on one machine at a time. But the
    hardware they are using is, and the processing power.

    That's why iMac's are the future, because they run a unix operating
    system that is a hybrid with the origonal mac graphical user
    interface. So the Mac's can run all of their own comercial software
    and still have a system that enables people to be the next YouTube,
    provided that have enough bandwidth and processing power. So the
    future really depends on who can learn Unix programming and Server
    Administration faster, before the switch happens. Because pretty soon
    everyone is going to be learning about it in school, and everyone
    learning C# and Windows GUI programming is going to be out of a job.
    CoreyWhite, Mar 31, 2007
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  2. JohnQ

    JohnQ Guest

    "CoreyWhite" <> wrote in message



    JohnQ, Mar 31, 2007
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