Linker dropping objects from static library problem

Discussion in 'C++' started by adeht, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. adeht

    adeht Guest

    In his book, "Modern C++ Design", Andrei Alexandrescu presents a Generic
    Object Factory class (Loki::Factory). One of its advantages (also mentioned
    the book) is being able to register the class in the factory without having
    central place that needs to be modified each time we add a new type. For
    example, the registration can be done in the same compilation unit as the
    class implementation:

    (code like this has been presented in the book)

    // DerivedType.cpp
    // DerivedType is the type we want to register, and it is derived from
    namespace {
    BaseType *CreateDerivedTypeObject() { return new DerivedType; }
    const bool registered = MyFactory::Instance().Register("DerivedType",

    MyFactory is:
    typedef Loki::SingletonHolder<Loki::Factory<BaseType, std::string> >

    Now, in the client code I only use the base class interface, like:

    BaseType *object = MyFactory::Instance().CreateObject("DerivedType");

    This works, for example, if I'd compile the library (which contains the base
    class, derived classes
    and factory) to be a dynamically loaded one, since all translation units in
    the library will be included.

    But if I compile to a static library, the linker won't see any of the
    derived classes being used (implicitly)
    and will drop them from the final module.

    Currently, I have implemented a hack solution - to register all derived
    classes in a centralized
    place (for example a static method BaseType::RegisterAllDerived()).. but as
    you can see, it's not
    very pretty.

    I found no way to tell the linker to link with all objects in the library,
    except by specifying
    the objects outside the library - therefore not using a library (I am using

    I understand that this isn't a serious issue, since in a library there can
    be a only a finite amount
    of types to register... But it seems too hacky.

    Any insight about this?

    PS. This linker optimization has other consequences, for example dropping
    win32 resource objects
    in a static library.
    adeht, Feb 2, 2004
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  2. lilburne

    lilburne Guest

    adeht wrote:

    > I understand that this isn't a serious issue, since in a library there can
    > be a only a finite amount
    > of types to register... But it seems too hacky.
    > Any insight about this?

    A similar problem can occur with persistent classes. The
    application may have no direct knowledge of all the derived
    classes using only the base class directly in the code.

    We have a perl script that zips through all the headers
    looking for classes that are derived from Base. It then
    creates a file containing a function that 'uses' all the
    classes and a call such that the linker requirements are
    satisfied. I can't recall the details as this magic has
    worked for the last 8 years, but the file looks something like:

    // This file is auto-generated DO NOT modify

    #include "derived1.h"
    #include "derived2.h"
    #include "derivedN.h"

    bool derived_linker_loader(bool initialise)
    if (initialise) {
    static derived1* d1 = new derived1;
    delete d1;
    static derived1* d2 = new derived2;
    delete d2;
    static derivedN* dN = new derivedN;
    delete dN;
    return !initialise;

    then in the persistence subsystem there is the call


    the script is run after all code updates before compilation
    and linking.

    lilburne, Feb 2, 2004
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