Login Redirection Problem from Office XP Apps

Discussion in 'ASP General' started by Mike, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I can not figure out what is going on here. I hope somebody can please

    I've got an intranet ASP3 application running on a Win2k server. This
    application requires a login, so the user must first go to the login.asp
    page before accessing any other .asp page. I have set up a redirection
    method so that if a user pastes a URL to an internal .asp page, I store the
    URL in a session variable, then I direct them to the login page. After
    logging in, if the session variable is not blank, then I redirect them to
    that URL.

    for example:

    1. user pastes into IE6 address bar:
    2. the viewdocument.asp code contains at the top of the page:

    if session.contents("isLoggedIn") = False then
    session.contents("EntryURL") = "viewdocument.asp?" & request.querystring
    response.redirect "login.asp"
    end if
    ..... then the rest of the page is below where if the user was logged in it
    would retrieve the document

    3. the login page is displayed to the user. they enter their username and
    password. the form on the login.asp page gets submitted to the
    loginresponse.asp page which has the following logic:

    if app.login(request.form("username"), request.form("password")) then
    session.contents("isLoggedIn") = True
    if session.contents("EntryURL") = "" then
    response.redirect session.contents("EntryURL")
    response.redirect "welcome.asp"
    end if
    response.write "Log in failed."
    end if

    This has worked perfectly for over a year... Until about 3 months ago. We've
    noticed now that if you paste the URL into the IE6 address bar, the steps
    above execute correctly taking you to the correct page after logging in. If
    you click on the link from a Sametime message (Lotus sametime) or from a
    Lotus Notes Email it also works.

    What doesn't work is when you paste the URL into an Office Document (same
    problem in Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and open the hyperlink from there. What
    happens is it appears that the Session.Contents("EntryURL") is not being
    captured because the user gets presented with the login form, but then after
    logging in they get taken to the welcome page instead of the URL they
    clicked on.

    We've repeated this problem on several computers. They all are running
    Windows XP with Office XP and IE6. It doesn't appear to be a problem on
    Windows 98 computers. I can't understand what's going on. I thought it was
    cache related, but I've cleaned out my cache and the problem doesn't go

    Your ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!
    Mike, Nov 5, 2003
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