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Discussion in 'Python' started by, Feb 13, 2007.

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    After much wailing and gnashing of teeth the past couple of days, I managed
    to move (most of?) the content from the MacPython wiki to the main Python
    wiki (*). All pages were created as subpages of


    The motivation for this rather hasty move was that the MacPython wiki was
    running an ancient version of MoinMoin and got spammed heavily. Because of
    its age and vulnerability it was simply too hard to keep up with all the
    wiki spammers. So I moved everything.

    I did very little to try and fix up link references. Moin's subpage
    references have always befuddled me, and many of the page references were
    weirded out to begin with, so there you have it: royal link spaghetti.

    This is where you come in. You can do any number of things to try to
    identify and fix problems:

    * Visit and see if there are
    any MacPython/... pages which are orphaned (hint: there are quite a
    few). Then see if you can find an incorrect link which should refer
    to the orphaned page.

    * Visit the MacPython pages. Just do a title search for "MacPython" to
    locate them. Visit and clean up as appropriate.

    * Everything got pushed down, even home pages. One of three things can
    reasonably be done:
    1. Move a home page up if there isn't one at the top level.
    2. Replace an uplevel home page with the MacPython version if the
    latter is "better".
    3. Merge the content from the MacPython version into the uplevel home
    Instead of performing #2 and #3 yourself, you might send an email to
    the person and ask them to do the merge/replace. In any case, this
    operation is likely to require some link fiddling.

    * There may also be non-homepage pages at the top level which should be
    merged with or replaced by (or replace) the MacPython version.
    VisualPython comes to mind. Use your judgement

    * There are lots of unprotected path references in the content,
    e.g. /System/Library sitting there looking like a link when it should
    probably be {{{/System/Library}}}.

    * There may still be a bit of spam lurking in the pages. I tried to
    eliminate all the crap, but I might have missed some.

    * Many pages could use Category references. There are lots of pages
    referring to scripting specific Mac applications, home pages and many
    code samples. Adding CategoryMac or CategoryAppScript might be
    reasonable as well.

    * Use your WikiImagination. There are probably lots of other things
    that can be done. I think the MacPython wiki had fallen into a bit of
    disrepair, even if you ignore the spam problem, so a little general
    TLC would probably help.


    (*) Thank goodness for Emacs and Mozex...
    , Feb 13, 2007
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