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    Loss of formatting can be tolerated in this application, but for the menu to
    quit working...well...

    I have a treeview control on a masterpage.
    - ShowExpandCollapse is True.
    - DataSource is None.
    - HoverNodeStyle, NodeStyle, ParentNodeStyle and RootNodeStyle are set
    for desired values.
    - Nodes are manually entered.
    With the above settings, everything works fine...branches expand and
    collapse, URL links work, etc.

    I delete the nodes and set the DataSource to point to an XML file, setting
    the Name Field = Name value in the XML file and the Value Field = Permit
    value in the XML file, and, for CNode nodes, the URL Field = Target value in
    the XML the formatting set by the various style entries quits

    I change the URL Field to blank and set the Target field Target value in the
    XML file...styles still do not work, and, of course, the links are gone, but
    expand/collapse still works.

    I create an event handler sub for the treeview SelectedNodeChanged event,
    just an empty subroutine...The event fires each time I click on a tree node,
    but, expand/collapse now affects the wrong nodes...not the one I click on.
    The first parent node works, the 2nd does nothing, the 3rd does nothing, the
    4th expands/collapses the 1st, the 5th get the idea.

    I add code to get the Target value of the SelectedNode, and redirect to that
    URL. The SelectedNode points to the first leaf node within the group of leaf
    nodes under a parent matter which leaf I click on.

    Here is my SelectedNodeChanged event handler, and a subset of my XML file:

    Protected Sub tvMenu_SelectedNodeChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
    System.EventArgs) Handles tvMenu.SelectedNodeChanged
    If Validate_User(tvMenu.SelectedNode.Value, appsess.USER_ACCESS_CSV) Then
    If tvMenu.SelectedNode.Target <> String.Empty Then
    End If
    End Sub

    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
    <PACS Name="PACS Menu" Permit="ALL">
    <ANode Name="Data Interface" Permit="ALL">
    <CNode Name="Data Logger" Permit="ALL"
    Target="/PACS/App_Forms/DataInt/DataLogger.aspx" />
    <CNode Name="Log Inspection Results" Permit="ALL" Target="" />
    <CNode Name="View Inspection Results" Permit="ALL" Target="" />
    <ANode Name="Reports" Permit="USER">
    <BNode Name="PACS Standard Reports" Permit="TEST">
    <CNode Name="Assembly Defect Summary" Permit="ALL"
    Target="/PACS/App_Forms/Rpts/reports.aspx?type=100" />
    <CNode Name="Disposition Summary" Permit="ALL"
    Target="/PACS/App_Forms/Rpts/reports.aspx?type=110" />
    <CNode Name="Closed Disposition Summary" Permit="ALL"
    Target="/PACS/App_Forms/Rpts/reports.aspx?type=120" />
    <ANode Name="Maintenance Functions" Permit="ALL">
    <CNode Name="Projects" Permit="ALL" Target="" />
    <CNode Name="Process" Permit="ALL" Target="" />
    <CNode Name="Areas" Permit="ALL" Target="" />
    <CNode Name="Variable Group" Permit="ALL" Target="" />
    <ANode Name="Administration" Permit="ADMIN">
    <BNode Name="Maintain Users" Permit="ADMIN">
    <CNode Name="Create New User" Permit="ADMIN"
    Target="/PACS/App_Forms/Admin/user_new.aspx" />
    <CNode Name="Update Existing User" Permit="ADMIN"
    Target="/PACS/App_Forms/Admin/user_update.aspx" />
    <CNode Name="Purge Test Data" Permit="ALL" Target="" />
    <CNode Name="Purge Unit Test Data" Permit="ALL" Target="" />
    <CNode Name="Shift Times" Permit="ALL" Target="" />
    biker, Aug 3, 2006
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