Measuring memory using ruby-prof - help required

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by, May 30, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    I have a requirement wherein, I need to calculate memory utilized during
    particular external function calls.

    After exploring I came across gem - ruby-prof which was suitable for
    returning me memory usage.

    But after installing, ruby-prof was able to return only CPU utilization.
    It was written that one will require patch version of ruby-prof in order
    to return memory utilization.

    I could search the patch for ruby prof on net but was unable to apply that
    to ruby-prof gem. Problem was due to some incorrect revision.

    I also tried github for applying patch but with no success.

    Can anyone please provide me patched version of ruby- prof which can be
    used to calculate memory usage.

    Or else if you have any other idea for calculating memory usage. Thanks


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    , May 30, 2011
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