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Discussion in 'Java' started by Tis Veugen, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Tis Veugen

    Tis Veugen Guest


    The u/i of my Java application has the following problem.
    Inside a panel a mouse double click causes a popup of another window. In
    that window there is a JList with some items. One of these items must be
    selected based on a previous selection. However, if the mouse is positioned
    such that it covers the JList, then the item at the mouse pointer becomes
    erroneously selected. Probably, due to the second click of the mouse. I
    tried to consume() the current mouseEvent, but no success.
    Is there a way to clear all pending mouseEvents?
    Or does somebody know another solution?

    Tis Veugen
    Tis Veugen, Dec 17, 2006
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  2. Tis Veugen wrote:
    > Or does somebody know another solution?

    Not a solution, as such, but a strategy, is to prepare
    an SSCCE That demonstrates the problem.

    Andrew T.
    Andrew Thompson, Dec 17, 2006
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  3. Andrew Thompson wrote:
    > Tis Veugen wrote:
    > ...
    >>Or does somebody know another solution?

    > Not a solution, as such, but a strategy, is to prepare
    > an SSCCE That demonstrates the problem.
    > <>

    This is a widespread Windoze problem rather than a Java problem. MSWin
    generates a click event for the second of a double click, separately
    from the double click, and apparently posts it somewhat after the double

    One place this causes headaches is on file upload websites with large
    Flash ads covering half the page and a form that produces a file
    selection dialog for the file to upload. When you pick a file and double
    click it, the second click penetrates through, usually onto a Flash ad
    that then does something annoying (e.g. navigating the browser off the
    upload site and losing the upload while also, probably not
    coincidentally, generating revenue for the upload site). This happens in
    Firefox and other non-Java browsers.

    Unfortunately, there's no "clean" way in Java or out of it to consume an
    event that the OS hasn't even posted yet.

    You could set a timer and create the popup with its controls initially
    disabled, or the popup itself not visible, and then make it
    visible/enabled when the timer expires after say 1/2 second. Then the
    extra click will get eaten when it does get posted. The delay before the
    new dialog works needs to be long enough to eat that click, but short
    enough not to trip up users that become familiar enough with your UI to
    expect it and immediately begin trying to enter data rather than
    spending time determining what just happened. (New users will look at
    the dialog and figure out what it's for; experienced users will
    anticipate it and immediately begin putting in data they'd already
    thought ahead on.)
    John Ersatznom, Dec 18, 2006
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