Need Help in getting Referrals for some up and coming star performers in Embedded Programming

Discussion in 'C++' started by, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Guest

    I have a client who has asked me to find him some solid up and coming
    embedded engineers. 2 to 3 years expereince with Embedded Linux,
    VxWorks, Nucleus or any other RTOS who has working in L2/L3 networking.
    The object is to bring them on board and train in SAN/NAS switching, as
    long as they are solid C, Unix and Embedded programmers that have the
    work ethic and talent to be very good, he will train whatever else is
    See Description below for more details. If you know of anyone who fits
    this profile, please have them contact me immediately. I offer a
    referral fee for anyone who is hired and there are 5 positions open,
    including one Technical Lead who should have closure to 10 years

    Leeann Griego
    Sr. Tech Recruiter

    I have a need for a Test Engineer in San Jose, CA. If you or anyone
    you know is interested and qualified, please let me know ASAP. I also
    offer a referral fee for anyone who refers a person and that person
    is hired.
    Description is below.
    Leeann Griego, C.A.C
    Sr. Technical Recruiter

    Looking for STAR Embedded / C Programmer(s) -

    You will work on development of industry leading storage networking
    switches. This is not routine API programming job and the group is
    looking for THINKING people! All you need is a track record as an ACE
    developer / designer and a passion for being the Top Performer.

    Job involves design and development in embedded Linux environment for a
    long list of innovative features for Fiber Channel, Ethernet and new
    Data Center Ethernet technologies. No specific prior knowledge of SAN
    or L2-L3 networking protocols is mandatory, if you are a super fast

    You will be exposed to great design methodologies using finite state
    machines and various in-house tools/libraries.

    Job / Skill Requirements:
    - BSEE/CS or equivalent (MSCS or MSEE preferred).
    - 2-10 years embedded development experience
    - Proficiency in any RTOS (VxWorks, embedded Linux, ..) and C
    - Working knowledge in any of the following:
    * Layer 2/3 networking protocols
    * Embedded systems
    * 802.3ad, Link aggregation control protocol (LACP), SPAN etc.

    Location: San Jose, CA
    , Jan 23, 2007
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  2. mlimber Guest

    > I have a client who has asked me to find him some solid up and coming
    > embedded engineers. [...] solid C, Unix and Embedded programmers [...]

    First, this newsgroup does not respond well to recruiting: -faq-lite/how-to-post.html#faq-5.10

    If you can't bother to read the FAQ before posting, you annoy away the
    very talent you are trying to attract. Not a bright move.

    Second, you are posting in a C++ newsgroup but looking for C
    programmers. The two languages are quite different (cf. -faq-lite/containers.html#faq-34.1, -faq-lite/mixing-c-and-cpp.html#faq-32.10,
    and -faq-lite/how-to-post.html#faq-5.9),
    and you expose your own ignorance of that fact and further diminish
    your chances of locating quality people.

    In short, don't spam us; we'll spam you.

    Cheers! --M
    mlimber, Jan 23, 2007
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