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Discussion in 'Java' started by Lawrence, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Lawrence

    Lawrence Guest

    I'm sorry, i have already posted in but I think that
    this is more appropriate.

    Hi All, I have started studing Java at the uni ..
    and i really like it!

    I just explain the situation :
    Do you know iTunes ? And its function share ?

    From my point of view is really cool!! :

    Pratically, once activeted one option in preference, iTunes will go to
    search ( take a look to Rendezvous project for specification) in all the
    subnet computer that offer the same library sharing and music streaming
    This make able people to listen music of all computers at home from an
    other pc without configuring anything!
    iTunes is limited to 5 max users for time, and also to just music
    streaming and not downloading ..but there is some programs that make
    able also to download (like myTunes).

    Explained a bit what it do, I want to explain what i want to do :

    I think that this program is limited, is not possible to share all kind
    of files so i want to write a program in java that permit to share all
    kind of files (with download and not straming) and because we are
    already in here add also a chat service.

    Here there is the page (Ufficial i believe) of the used system :

    And here look like something already done in java that already use that
    system but seems to be for a different use of what i want to do :

    Here there is the class of that protocol/system:

    And here it javadoc compatible documentation :

    Scope of the program and functions :
    -Sharing of all files type.
    -Search for file, with option like file type and size.
    -Download resuming (just use chunks)
    -Including in the list of files also files of iTunes hosts (ovviously
    just music)
    -Chat betweeen users (the identifier will be the IP not the NickName in
    all the program)
    -The program will be made for small,medium,big lans (so universities,
    halls of residencies, offices, homes, stuff like that cause i don't
    think that it can keep more then 1000 users considering that every
    single host must manage all librarys of all pcs)

    Pratically, I search :
    -Someone that want to work with me in this project (open source, i think
    gpl but i want to take a look to other open licences)
    -Any suggestion about everything in the program ( about the structure of
    the program, and the files list manage that i think must be in every
    single pc .. and without database like mySQL .. at moust files)
    -What do you think ..

    -If you know something already done using that technlogy (rendezvous)
    even in an other language ..

    From now i must say thanks for you attention !



    Lawrence, Dec 16, 2004
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