Office Development (feature addition)

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Midnight Java Junkie, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Dear Folks:

    Multi-posting here because I am not sure of how I should make things more
    narrow, but please forgive me for doing so since I can basically spell .net
    and know so little about VB or any other language that I am, well, clueless.

    Since I work for a school, I basically have all the things you could
    possibly get from Microsoft in terms of development. More specifically, it
    seems that they have sent me just about every single development tool that
    involves .NET including some that are geared for things like the Office

    Here are my goals for getting into .NET in some way or another. First of
    all, I know that one of the neat features of the .NET suite of development
    tools is that you could build a web-based front-end application that chats
    with a back end SQL server, even one that you have built and designed from
    the ground up. Also, I know the basic premise about XML and Soap and their
    abilities to connect dissimilar systems accross an array of platforms.
    Thats all well and dandy, but its over there for the moment.

    Right now what I am looking to accomplish is as follows:

    First, modify some of the things within Office 2003 (specifically in word,
    excel, powerpoint, etc.) to the effect that when a user hit the "print"
    button, a little extra window would come up saying something to the effect
    of "Hey, I see you want to print this 50 page document but are using this
    printer over there which is a quarter mile away based upon your machine
    location which is XX (decriptive names apply to all workstations). SO are
    you SURE you want to print to that printer since there is a printer right
    over your right shoulder which would do it better. Maybe even a little map
    will pop up and show them that they are here, there brains are there and the
    closest printer is here.

    Second, I love some of the searching features of Active Directory, but I
    want to do things where it comes out more in the form of an Intranet page so
    that, again printers, can be clicked to according to the X, you are here
    schema described above.

    Lastly, I want to become proficient at scripting since I love the ability to
    be able to shut down a bunch of machines at a given time, save on
    electricity, burnt our monitors, etc., which works fine, but I do not have
    the programming knowledge to be able to tell the script 'hey, if somebody is
    shown as logged in, give them a five minute snooze button then force their
    machine to shut down because they probably walked away from it without so
    much as locking it down' Dont laugh, I have seen machines left on for
    months on end and its just a nuisance.

    Okay, so my question here is where do I start. I love the idea of .Net and
    people are telling me its going to be the way things will be written for
    windows platforms in the next releases. Second, I have no clue how to
    program. I mean it, VB for dummies would be one step higher for me. Ask me
    to set up an NSA recommended secured network and ask me to lock down
    desktops, customize the crap out of things and make things work sweet and
    you have me. But there are features inside of word and publsiher that I
    would like to build, like something where a person clicks one button instead
    of three and their "site" gets published right to the corner of their web,
    or maybe something simper. Basically, I am trying to customize things as
    much as possible based upon what I have seen users do time and time again so
    that they need not call me for the fiftieth time when somebody at the far
    end of school screetches about so an so printing out a hundred page essay on
    the decline of the Roman empire.

    Your learned and combined wisdoms and sharing advise in this regard is most

    Midnight JJ
    Midnight Java Junkie, Jun 20, 2004
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