open source requirements management tool v1.4 (Java Swing)

Discussion in 'Java' started by lancout, Dec 22, 2006.

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    As an FYI OSRMT version 1.4 has been released (GPL). OSRMT is a Java
    Swing based software development tool for requirements analysts,
    product managers, developers and quality testers. It organizes
    requirements, features, design, implementation and any other artifacts
    you define into a hierarchy with full traceability, versioning, and
    change control.

    Version 1.4 provides many performance enhancements, user interface fine
    grained control realized through scripting and a new reporting system
    using XML generated from the business layer.

    For more information see

    The full list of features are below:

    System Requirements

    Oracle (Express) database or
    MySQL 4.1+ database or
    SQLServer (Express) database or
    MS Access database or
    PostgreSQL 8.1+ new to 1.2

    Java 1.5 client or
    Java 1.5 client + JBoss server (included)
    Web client + JBoss server new to 1.2


    Artifact definition and data entry - features, requirements, source,
    test cases etc.
    Binary attachments.
    File or hyperlinks.
    Hierarchal organization of artifacts.
    Sequence artifacts up/down within siblings new to 1.3.
    User defined priority, status etc.
    Source, author, description, and many more fields.
    Track entire history of changes made.
    Versioning of artifacts.
    Uniquely identify artifacts.
    Use arrow keys to navigate tree with description pane. new to 1.3.
    Requirement definition of Use case steps.
    Test case definition of test case steps.
    Data entry of multiple details per artifact.
    Dependencies between any artifacts (many to many).
    Traceability - traced, not traced.
    Traceability tree for auditing and tracing new to 1.3.
    Traceability matrix.
    Traceability spanning multiple products. new to 1.4.
    Graph identifying all dependencies of a selected artifact to determine
    impact of change.
    User login environment specifc.
    User password unrecoverable - password reset only.
    User positions with custom privileges. improved in 1.2
    Customize controls on data entry forms. improved in 1.2
    Javascript for fine grained access control on user interface. realized
    in 1.4.
    Duplicate all forms/controls from artifact to another. new to 1.3.
    Customize system views.
    System options. new to 1.3.
    Duplicate security from one position to another. new to 1.2
    User change password.
    LDAP authentication. alpha code
    Sort artifact list.
    Filter artifact list.
    Search artifact list. improved in 1.4.
    Change control request entry new to 1.3.
    Change control custom views new to 1.3.
    User groups. new to 1.3.
    Reports generate PDF or HTML new to 1.2
    Standard reports.
    Custom reports. improved in 1.2
    Report writer. new to 1.2
    Report criteria from filtered artifact list. new to 1.2
    Custom report writing capabilities using XML new to 1.4.
    Binary export of system to replicate reference environment.
    Export artifacts to XML.
    Import artifacts from XML improved in 1.2.
    Command line import artifact tree to reflect filesystem files new to
    Command line export artifacts to HTML new to 1.3.
    System upgrade/database migration tools. new to 1.2. improved 1.3.
    Dynamic just in time tree loading. new to 1.4.
    Language translation import/export. new to 1.3.
    lancout, Dec 22, 2006
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