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    Hi ,

    This is the last chance as I recieved an email the other day about the
    launch of this exciting new social network.

    It costs nothing to join and you do not have to purchase anything just
    fill in name and email and collect your 100 free shares worth 25euro

    just now but predicted to be over 500euro after launch.

    Free to join and free money -

    If you ever use Yahoo, AOL, Myspace, Youtube, facebook, Skype etc you
    will begin to get an idea of what Sqip offers in its' Mega Portal!

    With more features that you can shake a stick at; you will love what
    you discover in Sqip...there is something for every one....and it's
    always free to use!

    Sqip has developed some great partnerships to bring you the best in
    Web 2.0 and beyond.

    For example...Sqip Messenger has the same technology used by Skype,
    Yahoo, Google AOL and many developed & licensed to
    them by a company who took one look at Sqip & partnered with us.

    We have some of the best designers, engineers, developers and creative
    thinkers working with us to bring you something that will grow
    exponentially ...simply because it delivers the features, tools and
    possibilities that you want & need.

    Sqip is built on partnerships, collaboration and win/win deals with
    companies around the world getting involved in making it happen.

    Sqip is different…very different!

    It is designed so that the members own a part of it.

    Right now you have 100 FREE shares waiting for you…no strings, no
    catch, no small print…just free for joining & checking Sqip out.

    Stakeholders have already seen a huge increase in their share value
    and your 100 free shares can be worth up to 1000 Euros when we buy
    them back from you.

    You can also earn great commissions & matching bonus shares on sales 5
    levels deep & get paid weekly with instant cash transfers….and you
    never need to sell anything or convince people.

    The portal will do that for you.

    Sqip is going live soon but you don’t need to wait until then to start
    earning commissions or become a Stakeholder.

    You can sign up right now and get 100 FREE SHARES on your account
    immediately with no strings attached, no small print, no
    obligations...just FREE.

    These are your Stakeholder starter shares and you can watch their
    value grow week by week as Sqip grows & expands globally in over 30

    The official countdown is roughly 6 days left to get your FREE

    SHARES..Signup here today for free :
    circle5003, May 11, 2009
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