Opportunity of a lifetime to Attend a Amazing Event.

Discussion in 'Java' started by William Cullen, Apr 12, 2008.

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    Breakthrough To Success

    Special Gift From William Cullen

    William Cullen has arranged for you and a friend to attend this
    powerful 3 day weekend event with our compliments! (Two tickets valued
    at $1,790)

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    Seminar Selection
    Select Your City Breakthrough to Success in Adelaide - September 26
    - 28, 2008 Breakthrough to Success in Auckland - August 15-17, 2008
    Breakthrough to Success in Brisbane - April 18-20, 2008 Breakthrough
    to Success in Dublin - October 17 - 19, 2008 Breakthrough to Success
    in London - June 27 - 29, 2008 Breakthrough to Success in Melbourne -
    September 5-7, 2008 Breakthrough to Success in Perth - April 11-13,
    2008 Breakthrough to Success in Sydney - September 12-14, 2008 Please
    send me September 2008 dates when confirmed

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    If you still have other questions about the Breakthrough to Success
    weekend, then click here to read answers to the most common questions
    that our guests ask.

    Congratulations, you are reading this page because you are part of the
    elite minority of people committed to success and achievement.

    You are where you are now because of your focus on learning and

    People like you usually have a ferocious curiosity for learning. They
    are looking to maximise their earning potential, create greater
    fulfilment in life and make a difference by contributing on a larger

    In setting new goals do you ever find yourself frustrated by patterns
    of self sabotage? Are you absolutely clear on your life's purpose or
    do you sometimes find yourself off course, or even lost?

    Well, the fact that you are at this website means you are one step
    closer to ending those frustrations and turning your dreams into
    reality. And best of all, it won't cost you or your company a thing.

    YOU ... are part of a select group of people who have been invited to
    take part in the acclaimed, 3 day Breakthrough to Success weekend
    seminar ... with international accelerated human change expert,
    Christopher Howard... completely COMPLIMENTARY ... as part of our
    Scholarship program (valued at $1,790 for 2 tickets).

    It is 3 days of fun, fast-paced and revolutionary education which is
    light years ahead in relation to the personal development programs of
    the past.

    Join us to discover (and use) a set of remarkable cutting edge tools
    and techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and
    Neurological Repatterning ...

    ... techniques that literally have you TAPPING directly in to the power
    of your sub-conscious mind to create immediate and lasting change in
    ALL areas of your life ...

    ... right then and there AT the seminar. It's exciting!

    We invite you and a colleague to join us COMPLIMENTARY. People
    normally pay $1,790 to be part of the event, which is a small price to
    pay given the massive value people receive.

    Already, many thousands of people's lives around the world have been
    transformed as a result of it. Now you and your team can join them.

    "Increased My Net Worth by $2 Million"
    "This is the most powerful, life-changing information available. Last
    year I completed four of Chris Howard's programs and it felt like I
    was releasing my handbrake one click at a time. I've since increased
    my net wealth by more than $2 million and the balance in all areas of
    my life is nothing short of spectacular. These programs guarantee

    -Phil Anderson, Entrepreneur and Former Mr Australia

    Click Here to Enrol!
    Limited Complimentary tickets available Book Now!

    "The Most Life Changing and Productive"
    "I have been to around thirty different seminars in the past and this
    has been the most life changing and productive. I would highly
    recommend anyone who want to have more out of life to attend."

    -Glenn McCullough, Network Marketing

    What you will learn
    "Breakthrough to Success" gives you invaluable tools and techniques to
    change your behaviour using the power of your unconscious mind. The
    concepts presented are based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)...
    the science of human communication. Simple yet very powerful tools for
    changing behaviour to produce fast & lasting success.

    "Before going through Chris program I was number 26 out of 30 in my
    car dealership interms of gross sales. After the program i shot up to
    number 1. I virtually tripled my sales within 30 days"

    - John Andre Bliss. Don Kott Ford

    You can't afford not to know this information Chris Howard is
    teaching. I think that this material should be taught in every
    business school in the country. These are the skills that guarantee

    -Bob Shearin, Entrepreneur, Harvard MBA class of 1975

    Click here to enrol

    View Seminar Agenda

    18 Focused Outcomes
    Which of these do you want to make yours?

    As Walt Disney once said, "You can dream, create, design and build the
    most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the
    dream a reality."

    Feel more confident and powerful in all areas of your life.
    Be passionate, inspired, empowered.
    Know exactly where you want to head and how you're going to get
    Develop a rock-solid focus in everything you do at work and at home.
    Squeeze more out of each and every day, increasing productivity and
    Reach your learning and development goals without spending more
    Formulate goals that stick.
    Hit and exceed your corporate targets time-and-time-again instead of
    getting hit-and-miss outcomes.
    Stamp out communication breakdowns, power-plays, back-stabbing and
    bickering between departments.
    Be an inspiring leader.
    Experience greater client loyalty and much lower defection levels.
    Develop a dynamic, success-driven culture that enables you to be
    leaders in your marketplace.
    Role model and integrate excellence for outstanding results.
    Pinpoint and eliminate the beliefs and behavious that stop you from
    performing at your best.
    Formulate win-win relationships in every area of your life.
    Align your values so you can perform at your best.
    Take charge of your financial future.
    Watch your profits increase... and more.

    Who Should Attend?
    Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
    Managers & Business Consultants
    Sales Professionals & Sales Managers
    Life Coaches & Executive Coaches
    Teachers, Trainers & Speakers
    Network Marketers
    Anyone who wants to achieve more in their life or career
    Anyone who feels that they're not living up to their full potential
    Anyone interested in learning more about the results that can be
    achieved with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    Business leaders who want to create a catalyst for transforming the
    culture of their organization.
    People with ambition who want to get a promotion or simply enjoy their
    work a whole lot more

    Click Here To Enrol!

    View Seminar Agenda

    Income Increased 400%

    "As a result from participating in Chris' course my income increased
    400%. My heart opened toward other human beings .The nicest added
    'bonus' was that my weight is going down toward where I want it to
    -Anita Englein, Massage Therapist

    Be our Guest at the next Seminar. Enrol below for your 2 Complimentary
    tickets worth $1,790

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    View Seminar Agenda

    Total Awe and Astonishment

    "Superb! I have taken a number of different personal growth and
    transformational seminars and workshops, and I was in total awe and
    astonishment at how incredibly powerful the program was. There are no
    other processes that can catalyze profound shifts in such a short and
    effortless manner. Don't miss this program if you want to go to the
    next level of your life."
    -Denise Corcoran, Santa Clara, CA

    Breakthrough to Success gives you tools to significantly enhance your
    performance at work ... in the area of sales, motivation, enthusiasm,
    personal growth, profits, finances, leadership AND productivity.

    In fact, Breakthrough to Success has been directly responsible for
    transforming hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. (read
    what people say)

    Now it's your turn. Limited Numbers So Please Secure Your
    Complimentary Tickets NOW!

    With an offer as extraordinary as this one word travels at the speed
    of lightning. Not only that, we can only offer a limited number of

    So please enrol now to make sure you secure your TWO Complimentary
    Tickets (worth over $1,790).

    Just click on the link below to enrol for your city.

    Click below to enrol!
    Limited complimentary tickets available - BOOK NOW!

    London June 27th - 29th, 2008 Enrol Now

    Dublin October 17th - 19th, 2008 Enrol Now
    Los Angeles To Be Advised Enrol Now

    San Francisco To Be Advised Enrol Now

    Seattle To Be Advised Enrol Now
    Australia and New Zealand
    Perth April 11th - 13th, 2008 Enrol Now

    Sydney September 12th - 14th, 2008 Enrol Now

    Brisbane April 18th - 20th, 2008 Enrol Now

    Melbourne September 5th - 7th, 2008 Enrol Now

    Adelaide September 26th - 28th, 2008 Enrol Now

    Auckland August 15th - 17th, 2008 Enrol Now

    Hear What Other Professionals Say!

    "This is the most powerful, life-changing information available. Last
    year I completed four of Chris Howard's programs and it felt like I
    was releasing my handbrake one click at a time. I've since increased
    my net wealth by more than $2 million and the balance in all areas of
    my life is nothing short of spectacular. These programs guarantee

    -Phil Anderson, Entrepreneur and Former Mr Australia

    "I did Chris' Practitioner Certification program in July 2004 and set
    some goals to develop my Marketing Consultancy in February 2005 with a
    stable base of at least 3 major clients. When I set this goal in my
    future timeline I was working full time as a Marketing Coordinator,
    never expecting I would REALLY be able to achieve this...but here I am
    now in February 2005 working for myself, with 3 stable clients and the
    list is growing. Amazing, effortless and unconscious change!! NLP is a
    fantastic tool to have in your tool belt for everyday business and

    -Crystelle Topatan - NSW, Director of DirectKom - Marketing and

    "A mental nuclear explosion - forcing me to think differently."

    -Neville Isherwood - Director, Nevida Enterprises Ltd

    "You can't afford not to know this information Chris Howard is
    teaching. I think that this material should be taught in every
    business school in the country. These are the skills that guarantee

    -Bob Shearin, Entrepreneur, Harvard MBA class of 1975

    "After a 20 year personal development journey I feel this seminar has
    had the most powerful impact on my future."

    -Di Chambers - Education Support Officer

    "The most dynamic presenter I've ever heard! A truly inspiring and
    authentic presenter!"

    -Dean Bleasdale - Performance Coach

    "It was excellent. I have attended quite a few personal development
    courses previously and taken something away from all of them - but
    this course had a lot to take away, and taught you that we all carry
    something to leave behind too."

    -Brendan Jack - The Jack Group

    "This seminar was absolutely fantastic. If you are not getting the
    results in your life that you want, I cannot recommend this training
    enough. Go for it!"
    -Amanda Weston - Performance Coach

    "Chris loves life with a passion and through his skill and teaching
    makes you want to too!"
    -Gillian Upshall - IT Program Manager

    "If you have dreams, Chris can show you the way to make them your
    reality! This is truly the best thing I've done for myself."

    -Poonam Bhardwaj

    "Christopher's generosity of spirit, energy and information is
    remarkable - he is one of the most powerful agents of change I have
    ever met. I experienced effortless and profound change."

    -Michela D'Addario - Creative Facilitator

    "Thanks to the tools Chris has taught me, I am ready to be a young,
    dynamic, successful woman."

    -Jodie Power, Customer Service, Sales

    " Wow! Chris has incredible mastery and is an inspiration. I got so
    much more from this than I anticipated. I came here for business
    reasons and leave with a far richer view of the world. I learnt so

    -Sandra Henke, Head of Training and Staff Development

    "My effectiveness as a coach has increased exponentially during my
    training with Chris Howard. I had my first coach ask me to coach her!
    I am now able to easily structure solutions to situations in my
    business and my personal life. My effectiveness in meetings has
    increased dramatically. I now control the dialogue while keeping
    rapport with the group AND getting what I want."

    -Marcia Mann

    "Chris gives 100% and his program WILL make a DIFFERENCE. I feel so
    empowered I cannot fail. Thank you."

    -Maureen Fenton

    Click Here To Enrol!

    View Seminar Agenda

    About Christopher Howard

    Christopher Howard is an internationally acclaimed expert in
    psychology of wealth and leadership.
    Described as "the Warren Buffett of personal and professional
    development", Christopher is an electrifying speaker who has
    captivated audiences worldwide.

    He has led, managed, launched and turned around numerous organizations
    and businesses, and his personal clients include politicians
    celebrities and thousands of individuals from all

    walks of life who are dedicated to reaching their fullest potential.
    Today he is the President and CEO of The Christopher Howard Companies,
    leading resource for individuals and organisations that want to
    produce breakthrough performance results.
    He is the author of seven best-selling audio programs and the newly
    released book, "Turning Passions into Profits: Three Steps to Wealth
    and Power". Chris has featured in many Australian publications
    including, The Australian, Wealth Creator Magazine, Good Medicine,
    Living Now and The Daily Telegraph ...to name but a few.

    Read what people say about Chris

    The Agenda

    Day One
    The first day, you choose the area that you would most like to
    transform. From there, you get to witness and then integrate cutting-
    edge technologies for accelerated human change.

    Next, you will pinpoint those things that have stopped you personally
    from producing the results you desire then together we actually map
    out a blueprint for your personal transformation.

    By the end of the first day your journey to empowerment will become
    clear as you begin to re-program your mind for total success.

    Day Two
    Here's where the process really starts to get fun.

    You learn and do some powerful processes that permanently release
    negative emotions from the past, such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, and

    You also learn how to create outstanding relationships and release
    energy sapping associations that no longer serve you. And then there's
    goal setting...

    Forget what you have learnt about goal setting in the past. This goal
    setting and achievement process enables you to establish your future
    goals in such a way that they actually occur, making yourself the
    master of your destiny and the builder of your dreams.

    Day Three
    Okay, you've now healed the past and learned how to map out your

    Now you get to put the pedal to the metal putting together a
    personalized action plan to make your future happen in the way you
    want it to.

    Next comes a process to fast-track your success even further. It's
    been said that you'll

    get what you want most out of life when you help enough people to get
    what they want most.

    In this final step you will create several mastermind alliances to
    accelerate your success many times over!

    Click Here To Enrol!
    William Cullen, Apr 12, 2008
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