[OT] Copyright infringement != Theft

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by Noob, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Noob

    Noob Guest

    tactical wrote:

    > Angel wrote:
    >> Identities and data are not physical things, and yet can most certainly
    >> be stolen.

    > Data can be physically stolen: If somebody steals my hard disc, they also
    > steal the data on it. I no longer have that data.
    > Using the word 'stolen' when referring to identities is, as far as I can
    > tell, a metaphor. It seems like a good metaphor to me, because in general
    > an identity has only one instance. If someone 'steals' my identity, I can
    > no longer use it, in general.
    > This metaphor doesn't work well when it comes to copyright violation,
    > however. If somebody downloads a computer game illegally, the manufacturer
    > of the computer hasn't lost the game. They still have it. The illegal
    > download was of a *copy* of the game.
    > So it's not theft or stealing -- it's copyright violation. (Note that I'm
    > certainly not arguing in favor of copyright violation. I'm arguing only
    > that we should use terms correctly.)
    >> This is the digital age, not all theft involves taking
    >> physical things anymore. Or is someone who illegally empties your bank
    >> account not a thief?

    > Of course that's theft. It involves money being taken away (from either
    > you or your bank, depending on the situation and one's perspective). Sure,
    > the *process* that leads to money being taken away might be complex and
    > technological, but the end result is the same: The rightful owner of the
    > cash has had her/his money taken away, with the end result being that they
    > no longer have it.

    +1 (pet peeve)

    Everyone NEEDS TO understand the concept of rivalry.


    A piece of software is a non-rival good; in other words, "it may be
    consumed by one consumer without preventing simultaneous consumption
    by others."

    The copyright cartels (the MAFIAA) are trying so very hard to
    manufacture these artificial semantic shifts that it should
    rightfully be considered propaganda.

    cf. "piracy", "theft", "intellectual property",
    "digital rights management"


    There's a special place in Hell for these people.
    Noob, Aug 2, 2011
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