parsing using strstr

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by Sean Bartholomew, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. i am trying to parse.....:
    ifstream newFans ("/Volumes/iBook

    so that i could create a tab delimited text file with the fields
    filled out from an online form that is sent to my email address.
    i used the find all command in BBEdit and found that "\rFirst Name"
    accurately located all instances (and no other) of the 1st field in
    each email.
    so im trying to use strstr() to find the 1st occurance of that string
    in the buffer that contains the entire file then parse for consecutive
    '\r''s for 14 fields. then i have to go look for the next "\rFirst
    Name" and repeat until eof.
    even for just the 1st batch of fields it writes a blank text file.

    //skip to first record
    char *start, *end, *tempBuf;
    start = strstr(buffer, "Subject: ");
    if (start != 0)
    end = strchr(start, '\r');
    if (end != 0)
    tempBuf = (char*)malloc(end - start + 1);
    strncpy(tempBuf, start, end - start);
    tempBuf[end - start] = '\0';
    ofstream testText ("filepath/testText.txt");
    testText << tempBuf;
    Sean Bartholomew, Jul 8, 2004
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  2. Sean Bartholomew

    Ben Pfaff Guest

    (Sean Bartholomew) writes:

    > ifstream newFans ("/Volumes/iBook
    > Apps/Users/me/Library/Mail//INBOX.mbox/mbox",
    > ios::in|ios::binary|ios::ate);

    Your question is outside the domain of comp.lang.c, which discusses
    only the standard C programming language, including the standard C
    library. This is a remarkably narrow topic compared to what many
    people expect.

    For your convenience, the list below contains topics that are not
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    if you have questions about these topics. Please do observe proper
    netiquette before posting to any of these newsgroups. In particular,
    you should read the group's charter and FAQ, if any (FAQs are
    available from and other sources). If those fail to
    answer your question then you should browse through at least two weeks
    of recent articles to make sure that your question has not already
    been answered.

    * OS-specific questions, such as how to clear the screen,
    access the network, list the files in a directory, or read
    "piped" output from a subprocess. These questions should be
    directed to OS-specific newsgroups, such as, comp.unix.programmer, or

    * Compiler-specific questions, such as installation issues and
    locations of header files. Ask about these in
    compiler-specific newsgroups, such as or Questions about writing
    compilers are appropriate in comp.compilers.

    * Processor-specific questions, such as questions about
    assembly and machine code. x86 questions are appropriate in
    comp.lang.asm.x86, embedded system processor questions may
    be appropriate in comp.arch.embedded.

    * ABI-specific questions, such as how to interface assembly
    code to C. These questions are both processor- and
    OS-specific and should typically be asked in OS-specific

    * Algorithms, except questions about C implementations of
    algorithms. "How do I implement algorithm X in C?" is not a
    question about a C implementation of an algorithm, it is a
    request for source code. Newsgroups comp.programming and
    comp.theory may be appropriate.

    * Making C interoperate with other languages. C has no
    facilities for such interoperation. These questions should
    be directed to system- or compiler-specific newsgroups. C++
    has features for interoperating with C, so consider
    comp.lang.c++ for such questions.

    * The C standard, as opposed to standard C. Questions about
    the C standard are best asked in comp.std.c.

    * C++. Please do not post or cross-post questions about C++
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    * Test posts. Please test in a newsgroup meant for testing,
    such as alt.test.

    news.groups.questions is a good place to ask about the appropriate
    newsgroup for a given topic.

    "I'm not here to convince idiots not to be stupid.
    They won't listen anyway."
    --Dann Corbit
    Ben Pfaff, Jul 8, 2004
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  3. Sean Bartholomew

    Richard Bos Guest

    (Sean Bartholomew) wrote:

    > i am trying to parse.....:
    > ifstream newFans ("/Volumes/iBook
    > Apps/Users/me/Library/Mail//INBOX.mbox/mbox",
    > ios::in|ios::binary|ios::ate);

    Trying to parse C++ code _using_ ISO C code is not off-topic on

    > ofstream testText ("filepath/testText.txt");
    > testText << tempBuf;
    > testText.close();

    ....but trying to do so using C++ is. You want comp.lang.c++, next door
    on your right.

    Richard Bos, Jul 9, 2004
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