Passing value of a button thats not a Submit button

Discussion in 'ASP General' started by Lukelrc, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. Lukelrc

    Lukelrc Guest

    Hi all,

    I have an asp page with a delete button which has an OnClick Ok/Cancel
    msgbox event. My problem is that in order to run the Onclick event
    i've chaged the buttons type from "Submit" to "Button" - and now the
    buttons value (which i need in the next page) is not passed in the

    This is what i have tried to do:

    <SCRIPT language="VBScript">
    Sub btnDelete_onClick()
    returnvalue=MsgBox ("Are you sure you want to delete this document
    from the intranet?", VBOKCancel)
    If returnvalue = 1 then
    fmPressReleaseFields.action = "report.asp?btnDelete=Delete"
    end if
    End Sub

    but for some reaseon the ?btnDelete=Delete part of the url is not
    passed, possibly beacuse there are other values i'm passing that are
    overwriting it(?)

    Can anyone thing of a way to pass the butons value??

    Thanks in advance.
    Lukelrc, Jun 9, 2004
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  2. Hans

    Hans Guest

    Are you reading the data from the querystring and not from the form
    collection on the server? Is fmPressReleaseFields assigned to the form?

    An alternative would be to assign the value in a hidden field instead of
    adding the value to the querystring and then submit the form.

    BTW client side VB script is only supported by IE. You will have bigger
    chance to get a crossbrowser solution if you use javascript if that matters
    for you.

    Hans, Jun 9, 2004
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  3. Luke Curtis

    Luke Curtis Guest


    It's an inranet asp site so i know everyone will be using IE.

    fmPressReleaseFileds is the name of the form.

    I guess i'm reading the data from thr collection on the server - i'm
    just using Request("xyz") on the next page to collect the values.

    I considered using a hidden field to pass the value, but the problem
    with that is that i have several buttons on the page (Save, Delete and
    cancel) and the hidden field would be submitted whichever button is
    pressed - which would mess up the next page.

    Maybe - is there a way to only submit the hidden field id the delete
    button is pressed? Or to set the value of the hidden field in vbscript
    OnClick event?

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    Luke Curtis, Jun 9, 2004
  4. Luke Curtis

    Luke Curtis Guest

    Ah, I've just answerd my own question.

    I added hidden field in named 'hdnDelete' and also added a line to the
    OnClick event

    fmPressReleaseFeilds.hdnDelete.value = "Delete"

    Then on the next page when i say:

    If Request("btnDelte")...

    i wrote

    If Request("btnDelete") or Request("hdnDelete")...

    The answer is always much easyer than your expect!

    *** Sent via Devdex ***
    Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!
    Luke Curtis, Jun 9, 2004
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