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Discussion in 'Perl Misc' started by Greg, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Greg

    Greg Guest

    We're looking for CGI/PERL programmer who can help us integrate CamFrogWeb's
    video conferencing software
    with our site's user management system (login system)

    Our site uses customized vesrion of BAC software for our backend, see

    video chat software we license :
    (see attched file "programmer's guide to the integration of camfrogweb")

    Here is the detailed description of the script's requirement:

    -We have licensed a videoconferencing software (camfrogweb active X Control)
    that needs to be integrated with our site's logon and password system.

    -Our goal is to integrate video chat room into our site so that our members
    would not have to login twice (first time ... to the site, second time... to
    the videochat).

    -The videochat software will be hosted on a separate server
    we lease from EV1Servers.Net
    - The Camfrog software will be installed by camfrog programmers on
    EV1Servers.Net server.
    - The Camfrog software will be hosted on a Windows 2003 server but
    our web page can run on's server (unix)
    - The script that you write should help CamfrogWeb software recognize who is

    1) free member (Privilege Group 0 )
    2) premium member (Privilege Group 3)
    3) free member who paid an entrance fee to participate in "pay-per-
    play" game (Privilege Group 5)

    Three above mentioned statuses can be determined depending on what directory
    the members are using to access the Camfrogweb's videochat software.
    Therefore, we should have 3 directories:

    1) for free members
    2) for premium members (monthly paid)
    3) for free members while
    they're playing a "pay-per-play" game.

    -People coming from will have a
    "time-out" video features (camfrogweb's configuration is adjustable)

    -People coming from will have no
    limitations on video features, 100% access to all features, all the time.
    (camfrogweb's configuration is adjustable)

    -People coming from will have
    no "video time-out" limitations while they're playing a pay-per-play game
    (for the duration of the PPP game).

    When a free member pays an entrance fee for the ppp game your script would
    have to temporarily move that player (username) from to . That player will be in for the duration of the PPP
    game. When the game is over or shortly after your script would have to move
    him back to

    Basically the script upon the confirmation of payment via and/or moves a free member from one privileged group (group zero) to
    another privilege group (group 5).

    Our goal is to allow free members - who normally have a restricted use of
    video feed - to have a full 100% use of video-feed during the PPP game for
    which they paid an entrance fee. Once the ppp game is over your script
    should move them back to which allows them a
    restricted use of video (video feed times out in 60 seconds; this is
    configured via camfrogweb settings).

    Please, contact Greg or Alex at


    remove brackets to make a proper email address
    Greg, Oct 31, 2005
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  2. > ggendel{@}
    > remove brackets to make a proper email address


    Gregory Toomey, Oct 31, 2005
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  3. Gregory Toomey <> wrote in

    >> ggendel{@}
    >> remove brackets to make a proper email address

    > OK

    Cute ;-)

    I'll also file an abuse report with

    A. Sinan Unur <>
    (reverse each component and remove .invalid for email address)

    comp.lang.perl.misc guidelines on the WWW:
    A. Sinan Unur, Oct 31, 2005
  4. On 2005-10-31, Greg <> wrote:
    > We're looking for CGI/PERL programmer

    You have posted a job posting or a resume in a technical group.

    Longstanding Usenet tradition dictates that such postings go into
    groups with names that contain "jobs", like "", not
    technical discussion groups like the ones to which you posted.

    Had you read and understood the Usenet user manual posted frequently to
    "news.announce.newusers", you might have already known this. :) (If
    n.a.n is quieter than it should be, the relevent FAQs are available at
    Another good source of information on how Usenet functions is
    news.newusers.questions (information from which is also available at

    Please do not explain your posting by saying "but I saw other job
    postings here". Just because one person jumps off a bridge, doesn't
    mean everyone does. Those postings are also in error, and I've
    probably already notified them as well.

    If you have questions about this policy, take it up with the news
    administrators in the newsgroup news.admin.misc. may be of more use to you

    Yours for a better usenet,


    David H. Adler - <> -
    Riding around on a horse while wearing a loincloth with one's gut
    flapping in the breeze for a rock & roll video may lead viewers to
    believe said rider to be, if not Indian, merely insane. That confusion
    is understandable too. - Rip Thrillby
    David H. Adler, Nov 1, 2005
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