Please help me to pass a file!

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Services' started by Daniel Johansson, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Hello everyone

    Im am trying to pass a binary file from a web service to a
    client.(managed c++)
    I wan´t to use dataset.
    If I put down the files in a dataset I loose information
    I got the tip the use DIME
    It doesn´t work.
    Not with WSE 1.0 SP1 or WSE 2.0
    If I choose to enable the WSE on "WSE Settings" under the "Project"
    I get the errormessage
    "The WSE must be installed to enable this feature"
    can this be of importance? Do I need a service pack 2 to .NET?
    Have I missed anything during the installation process?
    Are there any other possibility to:

    "pass a binary file in a dataset from a web service to a client"

    This is my problem, and it must have been solved before, again, the
    must have been solved before. I can´t be the first person with this

    Hence my question is? Is this even possible? I´m pretty sure that I use
    a correct
    syntax, I have been in contact with Christian Meyer, MVP and he is also
    pretty sure
    that my code is accurate.

    With the upmost highest regards

    // Daniel

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    Daniel Johansson, Aug 25, 2003
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  2. hs

    hs Guest

    Hi Daniel
    Not sure if this helps. Is your objective to pass a binary file as a Dime
    If yes. Then just attach this bin file directly to dime. e.g.

    string filePath = "C:/myBinaryFile.bin";

    DimeAttachment attchment = new DimeAttachment("application/octet-stream",
    TypeFormatEnum.MediaType, filePath);
    hs, Aug 26, 2003
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  3. Frank Drebin

    Frank Drebin Guest

    I am pretty sure the form that submits the file needs to post a content-type
    "form/multi-part"... crap, or whatever it's called.. it needs to tell your
    page, that it's a multi-part MIME page, and not just some form elements..

    Least helpful post. Ever. Sorry!! hth

    "Daniel Johansson" <> wrote in message
    > Hi hs!
    > Let me show what I already have tried!
    > I´m using WSE 1.0 SP1 on Microsoft.NET framework 1.0
    > Here goes.
    > //Create a new DimeAttachment class
    > CString m_sFilepath = Server->MapPath("/.../.../");
    > CString m_sFilename(inFileName) ; // an incomming string
    > FileStream *fs;
    > try
    > {
    > fs = new FileStream(m_sFilepath +
    > m_sFilename,FileMode::Open,FileAccess::Read);
    > //copy stream to stream
    > unsigned char sbuf __gc[];
    > sbuf = new unsigned char __gc[fs->Length];
    > fs->Read(sbuf, 0, sbuf.Length);
    > MemoryStream *ms;
    > ms = new MemoryStream();
    > //close file
    > fs->Close();
    > //attach body
    > DimeAttachment* da;
    > da = new DimeAttachment("application/octet-stream",
    > TypeFormatEnum::MediaType, ms);
    > HttpSoapContext *hsc;
    > hsc->get_ResponseContext()->get_Attachments()->Clear();
    > hsc->get_ResponseContext()->get_Attachments()->Add(da);
    > }
    > I can compile it but not run it, due to "Object not set to an instance"
    > HttpSoapContext->ResponseContext->Attachments->Clear();
    > HttpSoapContext->ResponseContext->Attachments->Add(attachment);
    > The above doesn´t work either. "Left of -> must point on a
    > class/struct/union/"
    > I have had the thread in ExpertsExchange
    > t/Q_20714751.html#9208316
    > and CodeProject
    > =3785&mode=all&userid=534084#xx589636xx
    > With the highest regards
    > // Daniel
    > *** Sent via Developersdex ***
    > Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!
    Frank Drebin, Aug 27, 2003
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  5. Daniel Johansson

    Please help me to pass a file!

    Daniel Johansson, Aug 25, 2003, in forum: ASP .Net Web Services
    Daniel Johansson
    Aug 25, 2003