Preserving DOM context between pages when drilling down

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by Richard Maher, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    a) I have two frames in the frameset and an Applet tag in the first/header
    frame that gives all frames access to a socket so as to retrieve information
    from the server.

    b) In the second frame I ask the user for the key to some data, send that
    down the socket, retrieve the result set, and display it in a drop-down
    select list.

    c) If the user double-clicks on one of options in the select list I will
    send the key over the socket again to drill down for more complete
    individual information.

    I have two questions about what to do next and am ignorant about the tools
    available to me or what is "the done thing".

    Q1) There is a whole lot of background, prompts, scripts, and paraphernalia
    that will accompany the on-screen presence of the "details" data that I've
    just got back from the server, so would it make more sense to ask the
    browser to display (and cache) the background html page and then use the
    ONload to populate the output fields with object.value = applet.method? Or
    would document.write(thewholething) make more sense? Are there other
    options? If I was using a webserver instead of a socket application server,
    how would that populate the result page before display?

    Q2) Once I've displayed the details page is it possible to preserve the
    contents and state of the select list on its predecessor page? I'd like to
    have an up/down button setup on the details page that would scroll through
    the result set in the select list without having to return or go-back to the
    previous page; is that possible? Does a
    parent.frames["myframe"].document.formOnLastPage.myoptions[0] work?

    Thanks for any help.

    Regards Richard Maher

    PS. Still a newbie, so sorry if the questions are a bit basic or unclear.
    Richard Maher, Mar 10, 2007
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