Problem with frozen app: compatibility between Unixware and SCO Unix

Discussion in 'Python' started by Mike Kent, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Mike Kent

    Mike Kent Guest

    I need to deploy a Python app on both SCO Unixware and old SCO Unix
    boxes. We freeze the app under Unixware, and set the compatibility
    flag ('elfmark -t udk') on the resulting executable. We successfully
    did this using Python 1.5.2. Recently, we decided to upgrade the app
    to use Python 2.3.2.

    Unfortunately, we've just discovered a nasty surprise. Under 2.3.2,
    os.path.isdir() returns True on Unixware for an existing directory
    (/tmp, for example), but returns False under SCO Unix. Ouch.

    Note that this has been verified using a test program that is frozen
    under Unixware, then run on Unixware and SCO Unix. We don't currently
    have a python interpreter on the SCO Unix box.

    Because of the way a frozen app is involved, I'm thinking that this is
    a binary compatibility problem, and will investigate further. We do
    the same 'compile under Unixware, deploy under SCO Unix' thing for
    many other apps that are written in C, without encountering this

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can best proceed? Have you
    heard of this kind of problem before? What additional information
    would you like to read?

    Mike Kent, Dec 12, 2003
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  2. Jarek Zgoda

    Jarek Zgoda Guest

    Mike Kent <> pisze:

    > What additional information would you like to read?

    Why you still work with this piece of shit?

    BP, NMSP ("I'm Sorry, I Couldn't Resist")

    Jarek Zgoda
    Unregistered Linux User #-1 JID:
    Jarek Zgoda, Dec 12, 2003
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  3. Mike Kent

    Mike Kent Guest

    Upon further intense investigation, here's what I now know.

    os.stat() is the culprit. A very simple test program frozen under
    Unixware 7.1 which does more more than stat '/tmp' will return proper
    results under Unixware, but return totally bogus results when that
    frozen test program is run on an OpenServer 5 machine. Bogus in the
    sense that the tuple of values returned by os.stat() contain values
    that are so far off, it is apparent that the structure returned by the
    OS's 'stat' system call is not being unpacked properly.

    The docs for the Unixware UDK state that the 'stat' system call is
    fully compatible across the two platforms. This was verified by
    writing a short 'C' language program, compiling it under Unixware, and
    running it on both Unixware and OpenServer. In both cases, it
    returned proper results.

    The problem appears to be something in Python's wrapper around 'stat'
    in posixmodule.c

    Any ideas on how I can proceed?
    Mike Kent, Dec 30, 2003
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