Problems installing Python 2.3 with Tkinter linked to Tcl/Tk 8.4

Discussion in 'Python' started by Adelein and Jeremy, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. I have just installed Python 2.3.3, after first installing Tcl/Tk

    After successful installation of Tcl/Tk (including passing configure
    the '--enable-shared' option), and testing both Tcl and Tk, I
    unpacked Python2.3 and began a frustrating installation. After
    standard configuration, make told me it was renaming module _tkinter
    because the module was not found (sorry I am omitting the exact
    warning message) - I don't understand that completely, but that was
    what it said. So I then edited the Setup file in Python2.3/Modules/
    so that it would 1) include _tkinter, 2) look for tkinter in
    /usr/local/lib, 3) look for tk.h in /usr/local/include, 4) find X11,
    and 5) look for libtk8.4 and libtcl8.4.

    So I went through make and it told me that could not be
    opened. The file existed with read and execute privileges for all in
    /usr/local/lib, so I was perplexed.

    I then found a single helpful explanation (among many completely
    misleading ones) at
    (which is for Fedora, but works well with RH 8.0.

    However, upon having written the script that it suggests, and
    deleting the /usr/local/bin/python, I realized that idle was broken.
    Also, scripts could not be executed with the sh-bang line at top if
    written for Python 2.3. So I moved python2.3 over to python again,
    and realized that idle still wouldn't work because Python will not
    look for Tcl/Tk where it installs by default.

    Is there a better solution than the one I followed? If not, is there
    a plan for generalizing the Python Tkinter installation so that it
    will look for Tcl/Tk instead of assuming that it knows where it is? I
    found it messy enough having to deal with multiple Python
    installations due to RedHat's reliance on old versions, and this is
    simply a show-stopper when it comes to recommending Python to others.

    I have to wonder if I am doing something very wrong, but I have no
    idea where my mistake would be. If nothing else, others with this
    problem may see this post and at least have a temporary fix.

    - Jeremy

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    Adelein and Jeremy, Apr 29, 2004
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