Problems with modelsim and conditional generate statement

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by ArAgost, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. ArAgost

    ArAgost Guest

    Hi everybody, I'm having some problems with a conditional generate
    statement, and I'm having some bad time trying to figure out the
    reason, mainly because I'm quite a VHDL newbie :|

    Having to instantiate several (70 and up depending on a generic)
    components, I quickly found out the necessity of a generate statement.
    Following many examples I found on books and websites, I also created
    the necessary vectors to carry the values between each instance.

    Here is the code:

    entity Filler is
    tavolaS : IN table;
    l : IN wordkey;
    tavolaSmischiata : OUT table
    end Filler;

    architecture Fill of Filler is

    Component mix IS
    i : IN integer;
    j : IN integer;
    A : IN word;
    B : IN word;
    s : IN table;
    l : IN wordkey;

    io : OUT integer;
    jo : OUT integer;
    Ao : OUT word;
    Bo : OUT word;
    So : OUT table;
    Lo : OUT wordkey
    end COMPONENT;

    SIGNAL iuso : intarray := (others=>0);
    SIGNAL juso : intarray := (others=>0);
    SIGNAL Auso : wordarray :=
    SIGNAL Buso : wordarray :=
    SIGNAL nulltable : table :=
    SIGNAL suso : tablearray := (others=>nulltable);
    SIGNAL nullwordkey : wordkey := (others =>
    SIGNAL luso : wordkeyarray := (others=>nullwordkey);

    suso(0) <= tavolaS;
    luso(0) <= l;

    g1: for cont in 0 to (f-1) GENERATE

    primo: if cont = (0) generate
    comp: mix port map (0, 0, "00000000000000000000000000000000",
    "00000000000000000000000000000000", tavolaS, l, iuso(1), juso(1),
    Auso(1), Buso(1), suso(1), luso(1));
    end generate primo;

    altro: if cont > (0) generate
    comp: mix port map (iuso(cont), juso(cont), Auso(cont), Buso(cont),
    suso(cont), luso(cont), iuso(cont+1), juso(cont+1), auso(cont+1),
    buso(cont+1), suso(cont+1), luso(cont+1));
    end generate altro;

    end generate g1;

    tavolaSmischiata <= suso(f);

    end Fill;

    Should be pretty self-explanatory ("word" is a standard logic vector,
    "table" and "wordkey" are word arrays). If I go and simulate this in
    modelsim, I will get... well, loads of cr*p. Integers will get values
    like -2121893, and pretty much anything else will be U. However if I
    modify the generate block to instantiate a single component (*not*
    necessarily the first one) it all works like a charm. I don't really
    think the problem is anywhere else since when this problem is not
    occurring everything else works fine.
    Is this caused by a bad conditional generate? Is it a port map problem?
    Did I do something wrong with the helper arrays? Should I quit this and
    begin teaching basketball to shrimps?

    Any help will be more than appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    bye, A.
    ArAgost, Jun 21, 2006
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