py2exe saga continues...

Discussion in 'Python' started by Alex Hall, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Alex Hall

    Alex Hall Guest

    Hi all,
    I started a new thread as I already have several out there, all
    talking about basically the same thing. After re-visiting a
    StackOverflow post, thanks to the person who gave me that link, I
    tossed msvcp90.dll and msvcr90.dll (I use wx) into c:\python26\dlls
    and it now compiles! I think I kept thinking that all I needed was to
    have the dll files in *my own program folder*. I now have an exe file
    which, after doing more globbing of a configuration file and some
    other dlls I need, does exactly what I wanted it to do. I now have a
    couple questions so I can fine-tune this:
    1. Is there a way to start with no command line window popping up? My
    main script is a pyw, but it still shows a dos window when the
    generated .exe file is clicked. Leaving out the "console" parameter of
    setup, though, results in no .exe file at all, so I had to put it
    back. I want what I have heard called a "silent startup", where the
    program starts but it does not pop up anything. My users will know
    because I will speak a message, but I want to dump the dos window.

    2. Is there a way to put the exe in a higher-level dir, then put all
    the pyd, dll, zip, and other files into a subdirectory so the .exe is
    not mixed in with all these files that most users will not care about?
    Thank you for all your help over the last few days!!

    Have a great day,
    Alex (msg sent from GMail website)
    Alex Hall, Apr 16, 2010
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  2. Alex Hall

    alex23 Guest

    Alex Hall <> wrote:
    > I started a new thread as I already have several out there, all
    > talking about basically the same thing.

    Would you mind not doing that and sticking to the one thread to talk
    about an issue, preferably one with a subject that actually describes
    the question? Every time you start a new thread, you make it harder
    for those helping you to keep track of the situation, as well as
    annoying those who chose to ignore the original post. Keeping all of
    your posts in one large related thread is a better fit for the way
    newsreaders & email clients work.

    alex23, Apr 16, 2010
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