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Discussion in 'Python' started by Ryan Kelly, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone,

    The official schedule for PyCon Australia 2011 has been announced!

    This year's conference will feature 3 fantastic keynotes, 7
    introductory classroom sessions, and 26 presentations on topics as
    diverse as web programming, benchmarking, social issues and API design.

    PyCon Australia is Australia's only conference dedicated exclusively to
    the Python programming language, and will be held at the Sydney Masonic
    Center over the weekend of August 20 and 21. See below for more
    information and updates on:

    1. Conference Schedule Announced
    2. More Sponsors Announced

    Please pass this message on to those you feel may be interested.

    Conference Schedule Announced

    The detailed conference schedule has been completed and can now be
    viewed at the following URL:

    There's even an iCal version for you to plug the schedule straight into
    your calendar of choice:

    Thanks again to all our presenters for some outstanding talk proposals
    this year.

    Standard Talks:

    A Python on the Couch (Mark Rees)
    Behaviour Driven Development (Malcolm Tredinnick)
    Benchmarking stuff made ridiculously easy (Tennessee Leeuwenburg)
    Bytecode: What, Why, and How to Hack it (Ryan Kelly)
    Developing Scientific Software in Python (Duncan Gray)
    Fun with App Engine 1.5.0 (Greg Darke)
    Hosting Python Web Applications (Graham Dumpleton)
    How Python Evolves (and How You Can Help Make It Happen) (Nick Coghlan)
    Infinite 8-bit Platformer (Chris McCormick)
    Networking Libraries in Python. (Senthil Kumaran)
    Pants - Network Programming Made Easy (Evan Davis)
    Say What You Mean: Meta-Programming a Declarative API (Ryan Kelly)
    State of CPython and Python Ecosystem (Senthil Kumaran)
    Sysadmins vs Developers, a take from the other side of the fence (Benjamin Smith)
    Teaching Python to the young and impressionable (Katie Bell)
    The NCSS Challenge: teaching programming via automated testing (Tim Dawborn)
    Weather field warping using Python. (Nathan Faggian)
    Zookeepr: Home-grown conference management software (Brianna Laugher)

    In-Depth Talks:

    Ah! I see you have the machine that goes "BING"! (Graeme Cross)
    Easy site migration using Diazo and Funnelweb (Adam Terrey)
    How to maintain big app stacks without losing your mind (Dylan Jay)
    Introduction to the Geospatial Web with GeoDjango (Javier Candeira)
    Pyramid: Lighter, faster, better web apps (Dylan Jay)
    Web micro-framework battle (Richard Jones)

    Discussion Panels:

    Panel: Python 3 (Nick Coghlan, Raymond Hettinger, Richard Jones)
    Panel: Python in the webs (Malcolm Tredinnick, Russell Keith-Magee, Dylan Jay, Richard Jones)

    Classroom Track:

    Python 101+ (Peter Lovett)
    Python's dark corners - the bad bits in Python and how to avoid them (Peter Lovett)
    Confessions of Joe Developer (Danny Greenfeld)
    Meta-matters: using decorators for better Python programming (Graeme Cross)
    Python for Science and Engineering, Part 1 (Edward Schofield)
    Python for Science and Engineering, Part 2 (Edward Schofield)
    The Zen of Python (Richard Jones)

    More Sponsors Announced

    We are delighted to announce that Bitbucket by Atlassian has joined us
    as a Silver Sponsor. Thanks once again to the following companies for
    their continuing support of Python and for helping to make PyCon
    Australia 2011 a reality:

    Gold: Google <>
    Gold: ComOps <>

    Silver: Anchor <>
    Silver: Enthought <>
    Silver: Python Software Foundation <>
    Silver: WingWare <>
    Silver: Arclight <>
    Silver: Bitbucket by Atlassian <>

    Thanks also to Linux Australia, who provide the overarching legal and
    organisational structure for PyCon Australia.

    Ryan Kelly
    PyCon Australia 2011
    Ryan Kelly, Jul 14, 2011
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