Pyramid and MVC (split from: Re: Added Python, WSGI to XAMPP)

Discussion in 'Python' started by Gerry Reno, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Gerry Reno

    Gerry Reno Guest

    On 12/15/2010 05:03 PM, Chris Withers wrote:
    > On 14/12/2010 00:58, Gerry Reno wrote:
    >> What I really don't like right off is that Pyramid is contorting the MVC
    >> model

    > That specific pattern, I'm afraid, is a little antiquated nowadays,
    > particularly when it comes to web apps...
    >> The VIEW is the bits that stream out of the webserver back to the users
    >> browser.

    > Yep, and in Pyramid I guess this would be the template renderer, which
    > is usually a decorator on the view function or class. The view's job
    > is to process a request and turn it into a response dictionary. That
    > sounds a lot like your controller to me ;-)
    >> The CONTROLLER is the code that gathers all the pieces from
    >> the model and constructs the python code

    > Slightly scared as to what "constructed the python code" might mean :-S
    >> that is then fed to the engine
    >> that then creates the view. And just because the controller navigates
    >> the logic to dynamically contruct/render a view, that does not make 'it'
    >> the view.

    > Well, for me, the MVC isn't really what happens anymore, here's my take:
    > - the model nowadays has all the "business logic" in it, rather than
    > just the data. The model is now a collection of objects that can be
    > interacted on through many/any UIs needed, some of which may be web apps.
    > - web apps are *always* a collection of request/response transactions.
    > As such, the "control" layer does just become a "view" that does that.
    > - singleton objects and other stuff that used to live in a "control"
    > are now factored out into utilities and services (of which
    > zope.component provides a pretty good abstraction, and doesn't really
    > have anything to do with Zope, other than the fact that Zope makes use
    > of it).
    > Welcome to the 2nd decade in the new millenium ;-)
    > Chris

    It doesn't matter whether you are building a desktop app or a webapp.
    MVC still applies. And that includes when things like Ajax are added to
    the mix because Ajax just performs a mini-MVC transaction. The problems
    arise when people start rigidly thinking that M only meant database. M
    means model, model means any source that emits data. A database,
    another webapp, whatever, that is M. The view as I said before is just
    the bits streaming out of the webserver back to the client device.
    There should be NOTHING on the server call view-anything. The view only
    exists on the clients. The view is the result of what the
    controllers(servers) in conjunction with renderers emit as their work

    Gerry Reno, Dec 15, 2010
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