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Discussion in 'Perl' started by John Bokma, Sep 8, 2003.

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    dw wrote:

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    >>ixtahdoom wrote:
    >>>What are the subtle differences surrounding these two notations? It
    >>>seems odd that @a[0] and $a[0] yeild the same thing, but $a{foo} and
    >>>%a{foo} is an error. What exactly is the difference? Why don't I
    >>>have to cast $a[0] as @{$a[0]}?
    >>>Thanks, this little seeming inconsistency has puzzled me for some

    >>@a[0] is a slice
    >>$a[0] is a scalar
    >>just remember the following things:
    >>$ a thing
    >>@ means thingies you can get by using numbers
    >>% thingies you can get by keys (which kan be numbers, strings etc)
    >>So if you want a thing out of a thingies you use $ and not @ (thingies)
    >>nor % (thingies)

    > however, as a comparison for the %a{foo}, similarly to doing @a[0,5,9] to
    > get an array slice, you can do @a{item1, item5, item9} to get a slice from a
    > hash.

    Indeed, @a{ .... } gives a thingies you can get by using numbers, hence
    the @.

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    John Bokma, Sep 8, 2003
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