Re: App idea, Any idea on implementation?

Discussion in 'Python' started by, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Ok, probably not the answer your after.

    csound can do this easily.

    If you doing it via python, you'll need some way of FFT analysing sample
    data and analysing that to get which frequencies have the most energy...
    although I'm sure there are some, I don't know the names of any python libs
    that do it...

    I think... not my speciality but I have played with similar stuff in the



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    Re: App idea, Any idea on implementation?
    04/02/2008 21:11

    thanks for the pointers!

    I just found a program that does more or less what I want, but I would
    still like to have a go myself. The link is:

    I gave the program a go, as there is a free trial. I found that it had
    a hard time doing the conversion (or I am a really bad whistler),
    maybe there is room for improvements.

    So, I know it can be done, the question is, does Python have to power
    to do it? And how did they actually do it anyway...


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    , Feb 5, 2008
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