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Discussion in 'ASP General' started by Bob Barrows, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Bob Barrows

    Bob Barrows Guest

    ASP.Net pages can be coded in Notepad. The IDE is not needed, but it does
    help with some things. If you don't like the drag-drop, switch tto code

    I don't think anyone has "forbidden" anyone from talking about classic ASP
    .... I think the number of users of the technology has dropped dramatically.
    Mojo wrote:
    > Hi All
    > Please don't think I'm a troll and apols for the multi-post as I
    > don't know at the mo, which is the best NG for this kind of msg.
    > Believe it or not, I was a day-to-day dev/lover of ASP classic some 5
    > or so years ago, but work took me away from the whole web/asp scene.
    > Fate (and my job) has brought me back and it seems like I've been
    > kept in stasis and the four horsemen of the ASP apocolypse have been
    > in and ravaged the world of ASP classic.
    > ASP code seemed to be everywhere on google, but now everything has
    > been taken over by .net or something else. Its like somebody has put
    > ASP classic in a cupboard and we're not allowed to talk about it!
    > The NGs seem to have taken a battering as well.
    > I've been a good lad and had a look at (honestly I've never
    > even seen it until this week!) and all I can see is that they've
    > forced us to use an IDE and dumbed classic down. I know the last
    > statement might seem a bit strong, but all of this binding of
    > controls, master pages, block login page modules, etc are all well
    > and good for the new user so that they can virtually drag and drop a
    > solution into a portion of their web site, but the reason most of us
    > coded via notepad was so that we had ultimate control over how things
    > looked and how they worked. Working a the code level enabled us to
    > make our code text very lean (MS Word HTML what a joke!) and we could
    > use numerous techonolgies (eg CSS, ASP, DOM, Javascript, ASP, COM,
    > etc) in our pages without any constraints but our brains. MS don't
    > know how I work so their 'in a box' modules will no doubt limit me
    > rather than make thnigs easier. Am I on my own on this??
    > The master pages thing is a classic as it talks about making common
    > 'chunks' for your pages, but the implementation (code wise) is way
    > more confusing than the simple include file method that we all used
    > and we could stick these includes any where we want and as many as we
    > want.
    > The only thing that I thought they would do to improve ASP was to
    > provide more components/objects as part of the codebase like php
    > does, eg ASP upload, ASP > PDF, ASP > JPG, etc - all built-in rather
    > than us having to buy (or plead for from our ISP).
    > Is it actually possible to code rather than drag and drop
    > objects like Visual Studio? I always did my ASP > DB stuff in code
    > as you could do all of this in very little lines of code and do
    > whatever you want, but there doesn't seem to be any 'raw coding'
    > books out there. Everything is through the GUI, but then the forums
    > all post code solutions. Where are people finding these source code
    > examples??
    > Sorry for the rant. I'd prefer to stay ASP classic, but it seems like
    > everybody is putting it in the cupboard and moving on.
    > Rgds Mojo
    Bob Barrows, Feb 8, 2012
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