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Discussion in 'Java' started by Lew, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Lew

    Lew Guest

    Begin Learning Java wrote:
    > Greetings from Begin Learning Java! team,
    > )
    > We are set of IT professionals and have developed a simple tutorial
    > covering various topics in J2SE along with various examples in:

    Right away you deliver a solid clue that your site is worthless by referring
    to "J2SE", an abbreviation that hasn't applied to current versions of Java for
    over five years, by the bad grammar and misspelling of "Java" in your subject
    line, and by your evil multiposting.

    > - Running Java Program

    Bad grammar.

    > - Variables
    > - Static/ Non-static Methods
    > - Constructor
    > - Data Types in Java
    > - Operators
    > - This Keyword

    Misspelled "this".

    > - Super Keyword

    Misspelled "super".

    > - Order of Constructor calling
    > - Call by reference / Call by value
    > - Inner Class

    How can you mention inner classes and not nested classes, nor specifically
    anonymous classes?

    > - Over Loading

    Misspelled "overloading".

    > - Packages
    > - Over Riding

    Misspelled "overriding".

    > - The hierarchy of Throwable Exception

    Umm, I'm not clear whether this is bad grammar or stupidity, as "Throwable
    Exception" is, at best, redundant and at least weird.

    > - Virtual Method Invocation

    That's not really something that gets talked about much by those words in
    Java, although of course it does apply to the JVM.

    > - Abstract Classes
    > - Interface

    Sometimes you feel like a plural, sometimes you don't.

    The inconsistency and general illiterate tone of the advertisement don't act
    as much of an inducement to visit the site.

    > - Applet
    > - AWT-(Abstract Window Toolkit)
    > - Action Listener
    > - Adjustment Listener

    A wha'?

    > - Component Listener
    > - Item Listener
    > - Mouse Listener
    > - Mouse Motion Listener
    > - Focus Listener
    > - Key Listener
    > - Window Listener

    What'd you do, just go through the Javadocs and write down class names as
    topic titles?

    > - Input / Output
    > - JDBC

    An advertisement is supposed to make the target feel that something worthwhile
    is being pitched. Yours does the opposite. It is quite clear from your post
    that the referenced site is a useless hodge-podge of nonsense that
    occasionally pipes out the word "Java" (or its misspelling) to provide a
    veneer of legitimacy.

    This Usenet forum is not an appropriate venue for advertisements.

    And there's the little matter that you performed the ultimate sin of
    multiposting your garbage. Tsk, tsk.

    Andrew is correct - one is far, far better served to obtain all this
    information by beginning with

    Lew, Mar 17, 2010
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