Re: Can I download Turbo C 1.0?

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by Flash Gordon, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Flash Gordon

    Flash Gordon Guest

    Abe Kobei wrote, On 29/09/08 07:37:
    > Hello.
    > Is there an official website to obtain Turbo C 1.0?

    Check with Borland and/or on the Borland news groups/mailing lists.
    However, I suspect that if it is not at the same place as the official
    download of 2.0 then probably not.

    > I know that I can download Turbo C 2.0 from Borland,
    > but I want a smaller version, because I expect that older is smaller.

    There is no guarantee that it is smaller.

    > I want smaller one because I want to put the compiler to 1 floppy disk
    > with some other marginal space in it.

    Check the recent discussion of compilers and the links provided to see
    if any of the others are good enough and small enough. A compiler as old
    as Turbo C 1.0 almost certainly does not meet the original C standard
    (because it pre-dates it) so another C compiler that does not yet meet
    the new C standard might be close enough, and the author of lcc-win32
    keeps telling us it is small so it might also be small enough. If it
    isn't then I would guess the original lcc is probably smaller since it
    does not have an IDE.

    > Could you let me know something?

    Yes, this is not really the correct place for your question. The Borland
    groups are the right place to ask about Turbo C and the Dos/Windows
    groups would be the right place to ask what compilers in general are
    available for Dos/Windows.

    Oh, and on the site linked in my sig. there are a couple of pages
    listing some of the compilers and IDEs available.
    Flash Gordon
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    Flash Gordon, Sep 29, 2008
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