Re: classpath & too many jars

Discussion in 'Java' started by Joseph Millar, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. On Tue, 22 Jul 2003 15:25:46 +0100, "VisionSet" <> wrote:

    > I think I can get 2000 characters on the classpath but I easily exceed this
    > with all the jars req'd for struts, jstl, hibernate, jdbc etc etc

    Why just 2000 chars? Are you hitting the imfamous Out of
    Environment Space error? If so, just increase the space
    by setting the properties of the MSDOS prompt you are using.
    Win 95 and 98 (not sure about ME) had a stupidly small default
    environment space setting of like 2k. This was very bad and
    caused no end of troubles. I'd bump it to 8k.

    > First I tried unzipping everything and putting everything in just 1 (or a
    > few) jar. But this doesn't make updating versions easy, and is a big hassle
    > anyway.

    Bad idea. For simple jars this might work, but if those jars
    contained signed classes, you just lost all that. And like
    you said, it's a real pain.

    > Then I hear of the extension mechanism.
    > Surely if I put everything in there then, when I distribute my app, those
    > packages will no longer be available? It is obviously not the case with a
    > webapp where I can distribute the JRE also. Or does the EM do special
    > magic?

    You will have to distribute all needed JAR's as well. Where
    you place them is up to you of course, but the ext directory
    of the local JRE is a decent place, just be careful of overlying
    other stuff. And you have to be sure you have redistribution
    rights on those JAR's.

    > What other options do I have?

    Provide the jar names on the command line via a batch file or
    shell script.

    Joseph Millar, Jul 22, 2003
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