Re: Constraining text within a border

Discussion in 'HTML' started by Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Don W wrote:

    > Is there a way to create a border of fixed height and width to constrain
    > whatever text is within?

    Using pixel measurements? No.

    > If the text is only a few characters it should be rendered in a very
    > large font. If there is a lot of text within the border, it should
    > be rendered with a smaller font so that it fits within the border.

    Use em units for sizing the <div> instead. Then when your visitor
    increases hir font size, the box will increase along with it.

    > I tried using a table and setting the height and width, but the
    > browser seems to take this as nothing more than a suggestion. When
    > there's a lot of text in a cell, it just widens the column for me.

    That is how tables work. You can't stick fourteen eggs in a dozen-egg

    How about posting the URL to your sample page? It would make it much
    easier to give advice, rather than just guessing at what you are trying
    to do.

    -Friends don't let friends drive Vista
    Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Apr 9, 2008
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  2. Don W wrote:

    > This page is not to be published. Actually, I need to print some
    > placards from a database and a browser seems like a good way to do
    > that.

    Ah. Well, browsers are not normally regarded as the best "programs for

    > There are two sizes of placard I need to print -- 2 inches by 12
    > inches and 4 inches by 12 inches. Whatever text goes into those
    > areas must fit in those areas, so the font size should be adjusted
    > accordingly. I was hoping something like the 'max-width' attribute
    > could help me accomplish this, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

    2 inches high by 12 inches wide? And nobody else will ever see it?

    > If there is a way to know how big the text will be when rendered, I
    > can adjust the font until it fits. Do you know of a way to do what
    > I'm trying to do?

    Sounds more like a job for either a word processor or a desktop
    publishing application, not HTML and a browser.

    And 12 inches ... do a landscape document on "legal size paper" and take
    it to a bumper sticker printer. :)

    -Friends don't let friends drive Vista
    Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Apr 9, 2008
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