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Discussion in 'Perl Misc' started by $Bill, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. $Bill

    $Bill Guest

    On 1/26/2014 00:57, Cal Dershowitz wrote:
    > Howdy newsgroup,
    > I'm a little bit bored and have decided to indulge a hobby project. I have one binary group that I download: alt.binaries.humor.skewed, and it has been a great group over the years, but recently is beset by so much nauseating racism, that I can't look at it anymore. If I didn't go out of my way to disavow it tonight, the arbitrary advanced observer might notice these unwanted images coming to my machine and think that I have some sympathy for them.
    > So it is that I will either write an effective way to avoid these images, or I'll scale back to NIN and avoid the world of usenet binaries altogether. I figure they're not more clever than a well-written regex.
    > So I've started this great thing, downloaded News::NNTPClient, man'ed it a couple times, and I thought I would find a means of authentication in there that would be the analog of ftp'ing, but I haven't:

    <code here>

    > On my machine, the values in %config are all populated, so I thought I would just re-write get_ftp_object with a get_nntp_object , but I don't see the equivalent of a login method.
    > Thanks for your comment, and cheers from the great state of california.

    I stripped some code out of a working script that should help you -
    just fill in the host/user/pass/ip fields and maybe change the loop
    index to something other than 10:

    #!perl --

    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use Net::NNTP;

    my $group = 'alt.test'; # newsgroup
    my $host = ''; # server hostname
    my $user = ''; # username - null skips authorization
    my $pass = ''; # password
    my $ip = ''; # IP addr - I use this just in case DNS is down

    # create news server connection
    print "New NNTP connection to $host\n";
    my $nntp;
    if (not $nntp = Net::NNTP->new($host, Timeout => 15)) {
    warn "Cannot connect to $host: $! ($^E)";
    if (not $nntp = Net::NNTP->new($ip, Timeout => 15)) {
    die "Cannot connect to $ip: $! ($^E)";

    # login
    print "sending auth\n";
    $nntp->authinfo ($user, $pass) or die "nntp->authinfo: $! ($^E)" if $user;

    # set newsgroup
    print "Setting group\n";
    my ($cnt, $first, $last, $grp) = $nntp->group($group) or
    die "group failed: $! ($^E)";
    print "cnt=$cnt, first=$first, last=$last, grp=$grp\n";

    # start at last message
    my $msgnum = $last;
    for (my $ii = 0; $ii < 10; $ii++) {

    # get msg header
    print "get $msgnum head\n";
    my $head = $nntp->head($msgnum) or do {
    warn "nntp->head $msgnum failed: $! ($^E)";
    goto next_msg; # skip message - you could retry

    print "head has ", scalar @$head, " lines\n";

    # filter msg based on header
    # ... <your code here>

    # get msg body
    print "get $msgnum body\n";
    my $bodyref = $nntp->body($msgnum) or do {
    die "nntp->body $msgnum failed: $!\n";
    print "body has ", scalar @$bodyref, " lines\n";
    # go to prior message
    my $msgid;
    unless ($msgid = $nntp->last()) {
    print "nntp->last($ii): $!\n";
    print "last: $msgid\n";

    # get msg number for header request
    $msgnum = $nntp->message();
    chomp $msgnum;
    print "message: $msgnum\n";
    $msgnum =~ s/^\s*(\d+)\s+.*$/$1/;

    $Bill, Jan 26, 2014
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  2. $Bill

    gamo Guest

    El 27/01/14 14:30, Ben Morrow escribió:
    > Quoth Cal Dershowitz <>:
    >> Q1) My simple question is this. I want to have these messages divided
    >> up into newsgroups, using the message number as a key. Given that I'm
    >> writing this in a newsgroup where we all have dabbled with this, where
    >> it is certain that I'm re-inventing the wheel if I proceed as if it
    >> hadn't been done before: what are my best choices for file architecture?

    > Are you sure you don't just want to install leafnode?
    > Ben

    I agree with Ben. Just in case you want to manage articles localy, it
    was used to store 100 articles per file. One directory per newsgroup.

    gamo, Jan 27, 2014
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