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Discussion in 'HTML' started by rf, May 9, 2010.

  1. rf

    rf Guest

    "Alfred Molon" <> wrote in message
    > My site uses tables for layout. I was experimenting yesterday with CSS
    > for positioning and ran into problems.
    > More specifically I was trying to convert this table-based page:
    > (ignore the links which do not work)
    > Here is as far as I got:
    > There are the following problems:
    > 1. The round logo on the top menu bar on the right should be aligned
    > vertically with the "Jordan 2009-10 Travelogue" header. No problem with
    > a table, but with CSS I had to give the logo an absolute position, which
    > is not good design in my opinion. How to position the logo correctly
    > without using an absolute position?

    We'll address this later. After the more important issues have been fixed.
    But, why. What's wrong with where it is now?

    > 2. The vertical menu bar on the left should have rounded corners. But
    > the top and bottom gifs with the rounded corners are now not adjacent
    > with the vertical menu bar, no idea why. How to make them adjacent?

    Rounded corners? Where? Oh, I just dimly see some sort of very dark
    background on a very very dark background. You might choose some different

    Anyway, fire up Firefox. Use the developer toolbar to turn on borders for
    all elements. You will see something. It's probably because you have not
    specified vertical-align: bottom; for that image, or something.

    > 3. Then there is the mess with the central part of the page. It should
    > appear as shown on first link I posted (the one with the table-based
    > layout). What am I doing wrong?

    The mess in the centre is there because that is what you have specified. You
    have positioned those two divs absolutely and have specified them to be in
    the same position.

    As a rule, do not, ever ever ever specify position, unless you absolutely
    know exactly what you are doing. Authors specifying absolute positioning is
    the main reason I have a special folder on one of my sites dedicated to
    exposing via jpegs the flaws in doing so.

    > 4. One more question: does it really make sense to convert a table-based
    > layout of a thumbnail page like this for instance
    > to a CSS-based layout?

    Whatever takes your fancy. I would probably use display: inline-block
    instead of a table. Tables do not flow properly to varying canvas widths. A
    properly designed page using inline-block will use the available canvas.

    > It would seem that for that page using tables for layout is much
    > simpler, or what do you think?

    I think not.
    rf, May 9, 2010
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