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Discussion in 'HTML' started by Brian Cryer, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Brian Cryer

    Brian Cryer Guest

    "Abdullah Kahn" <> wrote in message
    > Which one do I need to buy ? Which is the best ?? Price doesn't matter , I
    > am prepared to pay for a good progran.

    I don't think you can get frontpage any more, it was replaced by Microsoft
    Expression Web a couple of years back. Expression Web is very good, and I
    have no hesitation about recommending it. I've not used Dreamweaver but I
    assume that the latest version is as good in its own way.

    Since you've asked about frontpage I assume you are new. In which case
    learning the basics of html would be a good place to start. Whilst the
    "notepad" suggestions of others is a reasonable place to start, you will
    soon out-grow it and want a better tool. Expression (and DW) are both
    wysiwyg tools. I like Expression, but I also keep an eye on the html it
    produces - its good to know what its producing and I sometimes edit the html
    directly. There are a number of free html tools available but I'm not aware
    of any wysiwyg ones.

    Depending on what you ultimatly want to achieve then html might only be part
    of the story. If you want to have more than static pages then you will need
    to consider server side scripting, in which case you will need to consider
    PHP or ASP.NET. These both in turn generate HTML, but its the logic and
    processing that they make available to you which allows them to do more
    interesting things. You will need a host which supports their use. Microsoft
    provide "express" versions of their developer tools which mean you can get a
    really good editor and debugger for ASP.NET for free (but hosting costs more
    than it would for PHP).

    Hope this helps.
    Brian Cryer
    Brian Cryer, Nov 18, 2010
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